How Safe Is QuickBooks Hosting

The most common question that comes up when people decide to move their QuickBooks to the cloud, is “How safe and secure is it to have my QuickBooks hosted?” Before answering this, consider how safe your data and files are in an in-house network or local PC environment. If your laptop gets lost or stolen, would you lose your files and data?

If there was a fire or flood at your business, would you be able to recover your files and data and continue working? Are you able to employ certified security experts to monitor and maintain your applications and data with enterprise-class software and hardware 24/7/365? When you consider the risks that your average business takes with their QuickBooks data and files, hosting is a dramatic improvement to the security measures they currently take.

Laptop lost or stolen? Not a problem with QuickBooks hosting. Your apps and data are still in your hosting providers secure data centre where they are inaccessible to anyone but you. Simply use another computer to log on and continue working. This same principal also applies to whenever you decide to upgrade your computer, or add a user. With QuickBooks hosting, there’s no need to upload or transfer apps and data from one computer to another. Everything is always available and ready for you to work with, so long as you have a connection to the internet.

Fire or flood?….you may have a lot to do before your business is back up and running, but at least your financial data is safe and secure. If your data is currently stored in one location, an issue at that location can result in a complete loss of data. You can mitigate this type of risk by having your QuickBooks hosted. Not only is everything stored in a safe and secure data centre, but with daily off-site backups done by almost all hosting providers, you can rest assured that you’ll be able to recover any of your QuickBooks data and files if you need to.

Worried about hackers…hosting providers have you covered. They can offer you the type of firewalls, data encryption and other security features that only large businesses could previously afford. With economies of scale, hosting providers can offer many small- or medium-sized businesses these services for a fraction of what it would cost one business to do in-house. With security certificates, upgrades and software patches being done regularly, you don’t have to worry about paying for IT support…your hosting provider takes care of these things for you.

When first considering it, the idea of QuickBooks hosting may seem like it opens you up to potential security threats. But once you take a look at the extensive lengths that hosting providers take to keep your QuickBooks apps and data safe and secure, you’ll not only be fine with it, you’ll most likely prefer it.

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