Kidney Pain: Possible Causes And Treatment

The human body functions through many organs. The kidney is one of them which is as important as other organs. It is located in the abdomen, under the ribcages. Our body goes through several kinds of pain in various parts and some of the pain causes due to kidney-related problems. There can be different reasons for a different type of kidney pains. And there are different treatments and medications for every kind of kidney pain.

Back pain, upper and side back pain can be caused because of kidneys. But back pain can be a result of other factors too. If a person has pain on the left side, the probability is that it is causing due to the kidney on the left side and the same with the right kidney. And the pain on both the side indicates that there is a problem on both the kidneys. Kidney pain is usually a constant pain under the rib cages, in the belly, and in the sides. If not constant then the pain comes in sharp waves which according to the patients who suffer from kidney pains.

Kidney pain causes due to other reasons and it has variant treatments too which are prescribed by doctors. Some kidney pains are cured by medications that stand absolutely effective.

Causes of kidney pain

1. Kidney infection – Kidney infection also known as pyelonephritis is an inflammation in the kidney. This inflammation is caused due to various types of bacterial infections. The kidney pain due to kidney infections causes because a specific type of UTI i.e. urinary tract infection. UTI generally initiates in the bladder or the urethra and it makes its way to the kidneys and this is how kidney pain causes due to infections.

Symptoms of pain due to kidney infection – 1.Chills

                                                                       2. Urinary tract infections (UTI’s)

                                                                       3.  Flank pain

2. Kidney stones – The majority of the patients who suffer from kidney pain is due to kidney stones. A kidney is formed by a combination of acid salts and minerals. Kidney stones cause due to result of spasms triggered by the stones that are plunged in the ureter that is combined with the pressure that is caused in the kidney due to urine backup.

Symptoms of pain due to kidney stone – 1. Constant pain in the back

                                                                 2. Side pain

                                                                 3. Pain in the form of waves that is usually sharp

3. Kidney disease – There are many kinds of diseases associated with our kidneys that results in severe pain. Kidney diseases mainly cause due to damaged kidneys which are not able to filter blood and that is the primary function of kidneys. People with diabetes and hypertension suffer from kidney diseases that cause pain in the kidneys.

4. UTI – Urinary tract infection can be another reason for kidney pain. Any kind of infection in any part of the urinary system that hindrances the normal function of the urinary system like in the bladder or kidney or urethra causes urinary tract infection and this eventually causes pain in the kidneys that gets extreme with a longer period of time.

Symptoms of pain due to UTI –

  • Discomfort or burning sensation while urinating which
  • Pain in the kidney (in the outer section of kidney)
  • Foul smell of urine which becomes worse with times

5. Kidney Failure – The main function of the kidney is to purify and discard waste and also to balance the fluids. Due to kidney failure, all this function stops and this causes utmost pain. Kidney failure is a medical function that in which kidneys lose their ability to function.

Treatment of kidney pain

Kidney treatments are processed according to the exact reason for kidney pain.

1. A doctor usually asks his/her patients (suffering from pain in the kidney) to take a test that can predict any infection in the kidney or in the urinary tract or in the entire functioning of the urinary system. In most of the cases the treatment of

2. One of the main reasons for kidney pain is kidney stones. A kidney stone is mostly treated by ketorolac, ibuprofen, and Tylenol and sometimes with small amounts of morphine. These mediums only treat the pain and not the major cause of kidney stones.

3. Kidney pain due to UTI and other infections can be treated by antibiotics which might suit according to the particular type of infection.

4. Kidney pain due to blockage in the ureter by the kidney stones can be treated by urologic surgery. Kidney stones can also be removed by retrograde surgical techniques if the blockage in the ureter is at a severe level. The recovery rate of this surgery is recognized to be fast. Kidney lacerations require some intense surgery. The recovery rate of this intense surgery requires a time of three weeks to a month.

Medications prescribed for kidney pain

Medicines are not suggested to consume without the consent of doctors and without the knowledge of it. It is always recommended to check and read the labels of every medicine because some of them might have some side effects which can be intolerant for some people.

1. There are many types of medications available to treat kidney pain. But some of them come up with many side effects. Therefore it is necessary to heal the pain with a balance. OTC’s are generally prescribed but in most cases, people are not prescribed to consume any type of medicine without the direction of doctors. OTC’s like aspirin(Bayer), ibuprofen(Advil, Motrin), acetaminophen(Tylenol), and naproxen(Aleve) are usually prescribed.

2. If a patient is suffering kidney pain due to a low functioning level of kidney, some pain medications are prescribed by the doctors for the concerned patient. ACE i.e. angiotensin-converting enzyme-like enalapril, lisinopril, and ramipril is prescribed for people who suffer from kidney pain due to weak functioning of the kidneys. Now, there are some medicines which need to get avoided for this situation about which everyone should know as it might worsen the situation. These medications usually include NSAIDs(nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs). This type of medication is avoided in low functioning of the kidney due to which kidney pain causes.

3. Kidney infection as mentioned above also causes kidney pain. Antibiotics are generally prescribed by doctors to cure the infection that is causing kidney pain. Antibiotics like cefalexin, ciprofloxacin, trimethoprim, and co-amoxiclav are prescribed for the concerned patients. Some stronger painkillers are also prescribed for severe pain that has low side effects but it is prescribed only for a limited period because overconsumption of the painkillers leads to other problems.