8 Teen Bedroom Ideas That Will Make Your Kids Your Friend

Teen time is a challenging time to handle for both the parents and the teens. Suddenly, they want to become independent, love their privacies, and create a world of their own where parents are not allowed. To bridge the ever-growing gap between you and your precious growing kids, you can help them create the world they want in their rooms. Just a little change here and there according to your kids’ tastes, and you can become their BFF.

1. Make more closed storage. 

As kids grow up, their requirements multiply as well. They need more space to put their clothes, shoes, books, hobby equipment, and they keep on adding things. And also, teens are almost always least bothered about keeping the space neat and tidy. So, adding up more closed storages not only makes room for their ever-growing need of keeping things but also keeps the clutter out of sight. You can add chests, drawers, built-in cupboards, or blanket boxes. Any storage that has a door is suitable for the teens. It encourages tidying habits, too.

2. Flexible display space 

Teenage is a time when kids are learning and re-learning new things and at the same time discarding old learnings. Their tastes keep changing, and they are constantly exploring new things gaining new interests. Due to this, posters and stickers are like part of their growing up. If you want your walls to be protected from all those sticky tapes, try and install a pinboard, pegboard, or magnetic panel. It will let them stick as many items to their walls as they might want. 

3. Apply fun décor 

You can always decorate their rooms that are fun and adds personality to space. Add fun bedsheets, throw-in pillows, funny teenage cartoon printed wallpapers, fun 3D wall watches, or upholstered headboard to start with. You know your kids’ tastes. Just make ideas to highlight those. For example, you can frame your kid’s favorite poster and hand them to bring in more youthfulness. It will also make them realize that you as a parent are acknowledging their choice of interest. Showcase their hobbies, like you can make a space for their sports equipment, a space for their musical instruments, or even a space to display the fashionista in them. 

4. Give them extra privacy.

Privacy is all that any teenager would love more than anything. Adding a little extra privacy can always make them your friend. You can add curtains to their four-poster beds to give them that extra privacy and for those additional sleeping times on the weekend mornings. Or, you can hang stylish curtains from the ceiling around their beds to give them that princely feeling. Adding a little window seat can also add to the privacy setting. Besides privacy, these things also add the style statement to the room that you teens will love to show their friends. 

5. Make organization easy 

No teenage room can ever be tidy without bins and baskets. Teens are always fussy about keeping things in order and tidying up. They simply do not want to waste their time on such ‘petty’ things. Make organization easy for them. Add enough of them to encourage them to throw their wastes in bins and make them arrange their tic-tac into the baskets and keep the mess out of sight. Make a dedicated space for the bins and baskets not to create a mess out of them. 

6. Make space for them to hang out with their friends. 

Recall your days, and you will remember how badly you wanted a small cozy corner to hang out with your friends when they were visiting. Teens make sure that they bring in friends whenever possible. Make their friend more welcoming and make your kid comfortable by creating a cozy corner in their bedrooms. You can add bean bags, soft rugs, and cute pillows to make them roll on the floor and have fun. 

7. Create a dedicated workspace 

Make them feel that their work is essential, too. Whether your kids are studying, working on some project, or indulging in some hobby, create a dedicated space for them. You can do that only with a table and a chair. Make the area trendier with stylish but functional space. For example, the desk can come up with storage. The chair can be reclining to give some rest while working for long hours. You can add a cheeky table lamp or a pinboard on the opposite wall. A personalized workspace always makes them feel independent and keeping your fingers crossed for it can hopefully enhance productivity. 

8. Build a digital zone 

It is essential for the new age teens, where digitization has to be the dominant flavor. Make a corner for USB charging points for their essential digital items. Making powering their phones, computers, and tablets easy will always make you your kids’ favorite. Then, as a parent, you can use it as a strategy to limit their screen times. Make the digital zone away from the bed. It can be in the corner of the room instead of making a permanent digital station near the bed. It will make the gadgets less accessible during sleeping time and also retain your peace of mind.