A Primer on Hand Seamers

Folding and making seams in sheet metal is, to say nothing else of it, a time consuming and laborious process. When you use the wrong tools, you can add discomfort to that list of qualifiers.

There are things you can do to make the process of making smooth edges in sheet metal and along roofing seams less time consuming and more comfortable and more practical as well. Chief among these is the use of the right tools.

Primer on Hand Seamers

A well-designed, comfortable, practical hand seamer can make a huge difference between an uncomfortable time sink and a painless, pleasant process of finishing sheet metal edges and seams with soft, even rolls. Not every craftsman finishes the job with a manual tool, but if you do, using the right ones is kind of a big deal.

A bit of an introduction, though. For those who have yet to be introduced to these types of manual tools, here is the difference between a hand seamer and a roller, since these tools perform somewhat similar functions.

A roller or a brake can be used effectively to create longer runs along the edges of sheet metal, a hand tool like a seamer is better able to make precise, small adjustments in cramped spaces, or when working with small sections of metal edge. Because they are specialty tools, they are a little bit harder to find, despite their impressive utility.

However, we’ll point you in the right direction if you want to add one of these helpful tools to your box or belt. They’re indispensable in certain situations and will give you a fine degree of precision over your work that can’t be matched by regular pliers or other conventional tools.

John Stortz & Son has been producing quality hand-tools since 1853. It’s quite a history, and they’ve come so far because of their commitment to quality. They’ve uncovered quality processes and they’ve been passing along that quality to their customers for over a hundred and fifty years.

They make a lot more than hand seamers, but since the topic of this is on the matter of seamers, you won’t find better seamers elsewhere. They produce a number of different seamers that are designed to be used manually, to fit into spaces that would otherwise be hard to access and to do more than that.

They provide seamers, pliers and offset tongs in a variety of angles and jaw depths to suit the scenario you’re approaching.

Many of their seamers and tongs are made with simple rugged steel construction, assembled with a lap joint that is nearly impossible to beat for strength, and finished with soft-touch rubberized handles that are more comfortable to hold so you won’t slip or fatigue as easily.

In other words, the seamers and other edge-finishing tools at Stortz.com stand alone for quality, and they are ideal for precisely bending or flattening sheet metal.

They’re tough, comfortable, and practical in ways that other edging and finishing tools are not. To learn more about how they can make your job easier or to see what they offer, visit their website via the link above, and if you want to learn more about what makes John Stortz & Son different from the rest, call them up at 888-847-3456.

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