Arunachal Pradesh: Insider Travel Guide and Tips

Being one of the seven sister conditions of North East India, Arunachal Pradesh is one more delightful objective settled in the Himalayan locale. Such beguiling scenes nature presents to the voyagers here that the state is likewise alluded to as the Orchid State of India and a Paradise for Botanists. Arunachal word in a real sense implies Land of Sun and Mountains (Arun implies Sun and Achal implies mountain) and being so the Best Place to Stay in Lansdowne the state has a decent territory and biological system for delightful vegetation species to sprout and that is the reason it is called with the names referenced previously. Sharing limits universally with three nations for example Bhutan, China, and Myanmar separated from the Indian conditions of Nagaland and Assam, Arunachal Pradesh has been the hotbed of some significant fights in the new history because of its essential significance. 

Best Time to Visit in Arunachal Pradesh 

As is for the bumpy district where it is tucked, Arunachal Pradesh is at its best in the months between October and April when the climate is sufficient for movement and investigating the space around. You can go for touring at different vacationer locations which are well available during this time or you can evaluate experience sports like outdoors, traveling, waterway boating, and so on During the months of the blustery season (for example the long periods of June to September), an excursion isn’t suggested because the territory turns out to be hard to visit and a few pieces of the state can be cut off as far as correspondence and driving because of hefty precipitation. There is likewise a decent chance of an avalanche happening at Sela Pass during the blustery season (comes in the middle of the street excursion to arrive at Arunachal Pradesh beginning from Tezpur, Assam) 

The most effective method to Reach Arunachal Pradesh 

You would need to take an aberrant course to arrive at Arunachal Pradesh on the off chance that you wish to go via air. You can take a trip to any of the two air terminals Guwahati and Dibrugarh and afterward can proceed with your movement to the objective state by the street. There are every day transports from Guwahati to Bomdila and Itanagar in Arunachal Pradesh (leaving season of transport is typically between 6 to 7 a.m.) By street, you can either take the transport referenced above from Assam or you have another alternative to take a shared vehicle which begins its excursion from Tezpur in Assam (at 5:30 a.m.) and arrives at Bomdila and Itanagar. Additionally, there is a helicopter administration that works from Guwahati city to arrive at urban areas like Pasighat and Tawang in Arunachal Pradesh. 

Shopping in Arunachal Pradesh 

Shopping can be a brilliant encounter as you approach a shopping binge purchasing the state’s fortes: 

Woven merchandise 

Weaving is conventional craftsmanship sought after by ladies in Arunachal Pradesh for a very long time. Products are normally delivered in shadings like dark, yellow, green, dim blue, and so forth embellishing delightful mathematical examples. A portion of the acclaimed weaved products are Adi skirts and packs, Mishmi cloaks and shirts, Wancho sacks, Apatani coats, and scarves, and so forth 

Wood Carving 

Woodcutting work done to deliver merchandise like cups, dishes, organic product bowls, and so on is sought after by certain clans of the state. There are likewise wood-cut veils that look heavenly and are a showcase of magnificence and conventions during the stately moves. 

Stick and Bamboo create 

You can search for bushels, vessels, and other kitchen things like mugs in sticks and bamboo work. Additionally, stunning wearables like caps, belts, decorations are accessible for you to reclaim home as trinkets. 

Celebrations in Arunachal Pradesh 

Siang River Festival 

Prior saw as Brahmaputra Darshan Festival, this celebration is praised to advance amicability and eco-the travel industry in the state. Offering loads of fun exercises like waterway boating, food celebrations, social shows, paragliding, conventional boat race, and so on this celebration will be a treat for the ones hoping to have a more profound social experience in the place that is known for North-East 

Pangsau Pass Winter Festival 

Begun in 2007, this three-day celebration is commended in the long stretch of January consistently. This celebration is essentially the social display for Arunachal Pradesh however the factor that separates it is that Myanmar additionally gets to feature its social wealth here. 

Ziro Music Festival 

Being Arunachal’s variant of Sunburn, it is an incident spot to be. Craftsmen from India just across the globe take an interest in this celebration which continues for four complete days. 


This is a horticultural celebration celebrated in the long stretch of storms. If you see the multi-day long merriments, at that point you would feel that it is praised to petition God for a decent yield and essential cleaning and drawing in good vibes. Lansdowne Hotel There is different celebrations additionally celebrated in the state like Nyokum, Dree, Boori Boot, and so forth The celebration Losar for example Tibetan New Year is additionally celebrated in the state with much enthusiasm and happiness.