Choosing Between Blankz and OVNS Refillable Pods

The Juul vaporizer quickly rose to popularity because it offers users an extremely simplified vaping experience. All you had to do was pick up a pack of your favorite flavored pods, pop one in your battery, and take puffs as needed. All of that changed in February 2020 when the United States banned the sale of pre-filled vape pods. This decreased the Juul brand options from 8 to 3 flavors and removed many popular Juul compatible pods from vape store shelves. Now Juul fans who want the same flavored vaping experience have to create their own pods by using Blankz or OVNs refillable pods. Both of these brands are known for their Juul compatible pods, but many Juul users need a little help

Blankz Pods

If you are a big fan of the Juul vaporizer, you might have heard about Blankz Pods even before the flavor ban went into effect. The team at Blankz initially created their pods as a way for Juul fans to save money and experience a little more variety in terms of flavor options. After the ban on pre-filled vape pods went into effect, Blankz Pods have continued to provide fans of the Juul with high-quality pods that can be easily refilled in moments.

The standard Blankz pod holds a full milliliter of nicotine salt e-liquid. This means that every pod can hold roughly 40% more e-liquid than a Juul brand pod. Each pod can be filled up to three times, providing a total lifespan of 3ml of e-liquid! That is a little more than a four-pack of Juul pods from a single Blankz Pod. The refilling process involves removing the mouthpiece to expose two small fill holes. All you have to do to fill them is place your e-liquid nozzle into these holes and fill your pod, leaving just enough space to replace the plastic cover on the fill holes. Blankz has been making these pods for a while now, and they have ironed out the design to prevent leaks and offer amazing flavor.


OVNS Pods is a brand based out of Shenzhen, China. The city of Shenzhen is located just north of Hong Kong and is considered one of the vaping capitals of the world. Some estimates state that roughly 90% of vaporizer components are manufactured in this city. Therefore it should come as no surprise that when there was a need for a Juul refillable pod, a company in Shenzhen answered the call.

OVNS has created two different refillable pods, the first being the JC01. These pods were designed to mimic the performance of Juul pods and were marketed with OVNS’ own Juul compatible pod battery. They have the same 0.7ml capacity as a Juul pod and each pod can be refilled up to four times. After receiving some customer feedback, they introduced the JC02 OVNS refillable pods. Like the Blankz Pod, these newer pods hold a full milliliter and can be filled up to three times before requiring a replacement.

No matter which pods you choose, the ability to return to vaping deliciously flavored vapor from your Juul is definitely worth the small effort of refilling your pods. If you want to try OVNS refillable pods, you will need to find a retailer near you that sells them or order some from an online business. If you want Blankz Pods, you can buy both their e-liquid pods, their limited edition oil concentrate pods, and more products directly from

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