Professional Guide to Convert OST to PST on Mac Machine

Outlook is a part of MS Office which is a set of few applications developed for various purposes. It is widely used in different types of organizations and large enterprises. MS Outlook creates an offline folder named OST also called Offline Storage Table Files. Users can work on OST files even without an internet connection as they are stored offline.

OST formats are used by various accounts like Office 365, Exchange account, etc. to copy the email mailbox into local storage.

OST files are different from PST files. Outlook stores data in PST format also known as Personal Storage Table. PST is an open file format that widely supports emails, contacts, notes, calendars, tasks,  and other mailbox items. Data in PST formats are stored systematically and files in PST are widely compatible with other services. There are various advantages of PST files over OST that make them more advanced and easy to access.

It would be a better decision for users to convert OST to PST which results in a better customizable option. PST files are integrated with smart privacy and security features. Here the problem arises when users are stuck with a situation of how they can migrate OST files to PST. It is not said to be an easy task to convert OST file to PST without proper guidance. Before moving to next, let’s discuss various reasons that result in the conversion of OST files into PST on Mac.

Reasons to Convert OST to PST on Mac

As we have discussed, PST files have many benefits over OST which makes them more compatible with the users. PST files are favorable for backup purposes as well as you can store them anywhere. They can easily be transferred and shared from one system to another system. PST file allows users to secure the data with a password and prevent unauthorized access.

With OST to PST migration, users can escape from data loss due to the unexceptional crash of a server. In the below, we have discussed multiple factors because of which users like to convert OST file to PST on Mac.

  • PST files can be easily transferred from one place to another but OST files are server-dependent.
  • If users convert OST to PST then they can even work offline while OST does not allow them to do so.
  • Outlook updates PST files systematically to meet the new requirements of users.
  • Migrate OST  file to Outlook PST prevents data loss due to failure or crash of the exchange server.
  • OST files are only compatible with exchange servers while PST supports multiple servers other than exchange.
  • PST files have more customizable features as compared to OST files which make them user-friendly. 

In the above segment, we have discussed different factors why PST is preferred over OST. These are the basic circumstances due to which users are more likely to migrate from OST into PST on Mac. 

How to convert OST to PST on Mac?

There are miscellaneous websites available over the web that guarantee to migrate OST  file to Outlook PST manually. But talking about the truth, there is not any possible manual technique to migrate OST files into PST on Mac. There are certain sites that claim to save OST files as PST online. But they are absolutely not safe to deal with your valuable data.

As there is not any manual procedure to export OST into PST, thus users switch to an automated solution. It becomes possible to convert OST files into PST on Mac by using a professional OST to PST Converter Tool for Mac. There are various benefits of going with the professional and advanced solution. Some of the various advantages of the automated and non-manual approach for OST to PST migration are,

  • It is a risk-free process that keeps your data safe during the conversion.
  • It is reliable to both technical and non-technical users.
  • There is not any possibility of data alteration when users convert OST to PST.
  • The hierarchy of files is properly maintained throughout the process.
  • Users can filter the data on the basis of date to convert them into PST.
  • It can perform the bulk conversion process with large OST files.

I hope users must have understood well from the above context, how to import OST file in Outlook 365 on Mac. Any prior technical knowledge is not required to use the automated procedure. It becomes quick and efficient to import OST files into PST on Mac with professional technique.


In the above article, we have discussed multiple reasons to export OST into PST on Mac OS. We have elaborated various factors due to which users are required to convert OST to PST on Mac. It is also mentioned in the blog that there is not any manual procedure for OST to PST migration. If users want to do the conversion, they only have to adopt the professional solution. They can easily export from .ost file format to .pst only by using an automated approach. The professional technique is very optimized which results in a smooth and risk-free conversion process.