Do you want to sell your used car? The mistakes to avoid

There are mistakes that can make you lose a lot of money. And others that, directly, will prevent your goal. Therefore, if you are thinking of selling your car , review these common mistakes to prevent your car from being sold out or, in the worst case, never sold.

Before putting it up for sale

If you have it clear, go ahead. You want to put your car up for sale, find a seller as soon as possible, and finalize the transaction satisfactorily for your interests . We agree, we also want you to do well. But first of all, you should know that it may not be an easy path and that it is better to study a little the steps you have to take later before even placing an ad.

Before taking Milanuncios and posting the first saved photo of our car, give yourself a few minutes to reflect. What basic information do you need to know? To begin with, it is essential to have paid the famous road tax (Municipal Tax on Mechanical Traction Vehicles) and all those fines that could have put you behind the wheel of said vehicle . Once we make sure that we have this, do not forget the technical inspection card or the certificate of having passed the ITV, it is key information that we must take with us or, at least, know where it is.

sell used car


As for taxes and bureaucracy, do not forget that it is the buyer who has to pay the property transfer fee to the Tax Agency and, once we have said receipt, we will have to go to Traffic to request the change of owner. And, of course, all this supported by a legal purchase-sale contract .

But we are going too fast, at the moment we only know what steps we are going to have to take once we reach an agreement, first, we must leave the car presentable, but do not be good-natured. Carrying out major repairs in order to make your car flawless and raising the price of it only works if we are talking about great classics. For the common man, good maintenance and that all the components work perfectly is enough, since you probably will not get the money back from a major repair.

A turning point: the announcement

So far all we have done has been to study the steps we are going to have to take and make sure we have all the papers in order. Knowing these details, let’s take the next step, we have to put the Cash For Car on sale.

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First of all check what terrain your car moves on . Be patient, analyze the second-hand market, check the condition of the cars advertised on the Internet and use comparators to get a more precise idea of ​​what price you should put your car at. Also, be objective, only you know how you have treated your car and the money and time you have invested in it . For better and for worse. Not knowing this can make you lose a lot of money or set a price that no one is willing to pay.

And no, we are not going to let you sit in front of the computer yet. First take your car to a large space and without objects that could distract the attention of a potential buyer. Bad photos can condemn your car to indifference . Frame the vehicle well, try not to move them and make sure that the definition of the photograph is good enough to show all the details of the car .

Now yes, now you can sit in front of the desk. But as we’ve told you so far, rush is bad counselor. Writing wrong or incomplete the equipment of your car can make that some of the advantages that the client looks for are not reflected because they seem unimportant details to you. Take your time and write a structured ad with great detail , not doing it like that can also give a feeling of sloppiness.

They called me, what do I do?

The first thing, tranquility. We know that these situations can make anyone nervous and in our country we are not as used to negotiating the price of goods as in others. It is best to make an appointment with your buyer in a safe place to avoid theft or worse. But first, there are things you must do.

Clean car

If you want to give the best possible image. Thoroughly clean your car, do not leave remains of food, objects or forgotten luggage in the trunk , as it will only encourage that your car has been poorly maintained, and go to meet a gleaming car. Once there, try to be punctual , showing up with too much time can give the feeling of wanting to get the car off of us and being late can make the customer moody or that he may think that he is not dealing with a serious person.

When it comes to dealing with the client , keep in mind that there may be various possibilities. Typically, the potential buyer asks you for a test drive , which is best accessed if you think their interest is real. But do not forget that you are still the owner of the vehicle, get in the passenger seat and take care that the driver does not abuse your car. And you also think that you can ask for a mechanic’s certification . The best thing is to run away from the “I have a friend who …”, look for a neutral workshop – the ideal is to go to the official house – and negotiate who will pay for said revision.

How do I do business?

All of the above is fine, but there is a thorny issue in which, as we have said, Spaniards are less knowledgeable than other nationalities. We do not usually like to negotiate and we do not do it very well, so having clear ideas can help us to lead the cat to the water .

What you should never do is lie to a customer . This is a basic and non-negotiable rule , since as a seller you have a responsibility for the good delivered and if the buyer manages to demonstrate that a breakdown or an accident has been generated by a mechanical problem prior to the sale, you may have a serious problem.

Sell ​​car

Once we are clear on this premise, consider a strategy before leaving home . Think about the price at which you would like to sell your car. Next, put a red line on which you are not going to give in in any case and, finally, set a sale price higher than the first, although without being excessively exorbitant so as not to scare those who read the ad.

Also, keep in mind that virtue is in the middle . Do not accept the first offer they make you for the car , unless (and it is very rare that it is) the highest price at which you thought to sell it, that is, the one at which you put the ad. And yet, he is suspicious of easy money and someone who wants to go too fast. On the other hand, if someone is willing to pay the price at which you advertised your car , rethink whether it was not too low.

Finally, read carefully the purchase-sale contract that you have agreed . Not reading what is signed can induce us to make childish errors and accept some clauses that seem abusive or go against our benefit. In addition, it is good to set the day and time at which the vehicle changes ownership , to avoid possible fines that may be imposed on it.

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