Does Healthy Wet Cat Food Make a Nutritional Difference?

What does your cat really need in order to be healthy? Most cat owners have likely asked this question to themselves on more than one occasion because we care about their well-being and want to make sure we are doing everything possible for them. That includes making sure we are feeding them a diet that consists of high-quality protein, as well as other beneficial nutrients.

While all pet food is regulated and has to meet certain quality standards in terms of nutritional content, not all cat food is actually created equal. Healthy wet cat food usually contains better quality meat meals, fresher ingredients, and less grain filler than other varieties. There are also several other differences that are worth noting.

Making Sure Your Cat is Getting a Balanced Diet
Like most animals, cats thrive when their diets are rich with a variety of different nutrients from varying sources. In the wild, it would be unlikely that your cat would be getting all of the nutrients from one type of bird or one type of fish. And even this doesn’t capture the full scope of eating in the wild, because each of these animals would contain different nutrient profiles based on what they were eating, and so on.

The wet food that you feed your cat should contain plenty of high-quality protein from the right sources, such as wild-caught fish and premium cuts of chicken, as well as select vegetables in order to round out the nutritional content. While cats are considered carnivores, they do partake of the occasional vegetable or herb in wild settings, so it is imperative that the food you are feeding your cat seeks to mimic this natural variance.

When you are looking for healthy wet cat food, the first thing you should note is the verbiage when it comes to the meat itself. If you see vague terms like “crude protein meal,” “cornmeal,” “gluten meal,” or “bone meal,” head for the hills. While your cat probably won’t mind chowing down on this sort of food, it’s not ideal. Overly processed food that has low-quality protein or an abundance of grain filler is not what your cat’s digestive system is optimized for, and over time it could cause complications in their health.

On top of high-quality protein sources, you also want to be aware of the fatty acid content and other vitamins and minerals. A healthy meal for your cat should be rich in a wide assortment of nutrients in order to ensure that they are getting everything they need for healthy bones and muscles, a shiny and thick coat, a robust immune system, and a strong heart. Digestion is also key here, as too much cheap grain filler and artificial ingredients can wreak havoc on a cat’s digestive system and cause constipation and imbalances.

Where Can You Find Healthy Wet Food For Your Pet?
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