Tips To Use The Electric Shaver By Women?

In recent times, almost all women want a great appearance. The requirements and efforts of women are endless and they will change with time. One of those needs is wax, and waxing is the preferred technique to get rid of your body’s hairs. However, there is no question that waxing is an excruciating procedure and can be very expensive. But there is no need to worry now, as with the advancement of today’s technology, you can easily access the best electric shavers in India specially designed to remove hair from your body.

You may be wondering how to use an electric razor on your legs, armpits, or intimate area.  What is the main benefit of an electrical shaver in comparison to a manual shaver? Although today’s people are advanced, most still use manual razors to shave. However, the use of manual razors not only makes you prone to uncertain and severe cuts, but it also does not allow you a closer shave. So if you want to use an electric razor, here is a short guide to using the same on your legs:

Dry VS Wet Electric Shavers for Legs

The best shavers for women are available in various types, meaning you can use the electric razor to wet or go dry. The only difference between the two is that the former must be used after applying the gel, while the latter can be used at any time.

Dry shaver

 If you want to remove hair from the roots and various angles, what is better than buying a dry shaver? A dry shaver is quick and easy to use while also providing your body with consistent smoothness. Besides that, it is a lesser chance for unnecessary nick and cuts. These are the steps to apply it to your skin:

Step 1-Before floating the shaver on your legs, wash your legs with hot water and soap. Wait for a while until your legs are dry, such as washing, rinsing, and drying your legs so that they can slide on a dry razor.

Step 2-Hover the shaver upwards, that is, from the ankles of the legs to the thighs. If you float the shaver down, make sure that the shaver is not working. Rotate it evenly in your leg directions and observe if all the hair is removed from the leg. If you find any remaining hair, run the electric shaver gently on that specific area.

Step 3-Take a towel and scrub your legs or wipe with a towel. Once all the hair on the legs is removed, the last step is to moisturize. Moisturizing to avoid unnecessary dryness and itching of legs

Wet Shaver

However, wet shavers are almost similar to dry shavers. You may need to apply shaving gel to your skin before using the razor. The advantage of using a wet razor is that it is equally convenient and easy to use, and there are few and few chances of cutting the skin. This is a guide for using a wet razor:

Step 1-Wash, the legs with hot water, put the gel in the legs, and gently lift the hair.

Step 2-Try to shave in a circular motion rather than in an upward direction. Check if there is still hair on any part of the leg, and then move the razor to the missing part.

Step 3-Wash your legs until the legs are dry. Then, you can apply moisturizer to the skin to make it smooth.