Elegant Uses For Your Vintage Bergère Chair

Are you trying to add a bit of luxury to your home? A beautiful vintage-style Bergère chair might be the perfect element to consider. No other piece of furniture combines style and comfort so flawlessly, allowing you to incorporate them into just about any room of your choice.

Antique Bergere Chairs

While you might only be searching for a reliable and attractive seating option for your living room, these chairs are extremely versatile and can be used in a variety of ways throughout the home in order to increase the aesthetic value of a room or to provide much-needed seating.

This simple guide will outline some of the interesting ways you can use a Bergère to create unique and attractive spaces throughout your home.

Create a Cozy Yet Elegant Reading Nook

Who doesn’t love a good reading nook? These comfortable locations can be created in various spaces in your home as a small haven cut off from the usual hustle and bustle. Whether you are in need of a useful seating area in your bedroom, or what to sequester a part of your living room as a dedicated reading spot or lounge area, these chairs can make an excellent addition.

To create a visually appealing nook using these chairs, it helps to have a matching pair. This is one of the benefits to purchasing high-quality vintage-style reproductions rather than relying on antiques specifically.

With beautiful reimagined pieces such as the kind you will find at EloquenceⓇ, you will be able to easily obtain pairs or sets that go together.

Trying to arrange mismatched antiques can certainly make decorating your home a chore, but with beautifully-designed handcrafted reproductions, you don’t have to concern yourself with an issue like this.

For a great effect, you can angle your Bergères so they face inwards toward an attractive vintage coffee table, for instance. For added style, populate the nearest bookshelf or console with decor items or linen that matches the tone and style of your Bergère.

Enhance Your Study or Den

Even though the den is a place in your home that’s all about business, it doesn’t have to stay sterile and boring. With the right pieces of furniture, a den or study room can easily be improved from both a visual and a functional standpoint.

A comfortable guest chair for instance can make all the difference when it comes to the atmosphere of such a room. A matching pair facing the desk, or one angled off to the side, would not only look elegant and refined but provide much-needed seating for anyone you are meeting or working with.

An Added Dining Room Element

If you have a spacious dining room and don’t know what to do with it, try adding a Bergère chair! These gorgeous pieces can be just what your dining area needs if it’s lacking, especially in terms of visuals.

You also can utilize one of these chairs at the head of the table, or for guests of honor. They also make excellent aesthetic pieces in their own right. Pile a few attractive pillows on the seat for added interest.

Rethink Your Foyer Functionality

While small settees, benches, and chairs are typically found in foyers and sitting rooms, a Bergère might be a better choice to give your home more “first impression” appeal and to add quite a bit of functionality where it is often needed. Your guests will feel downright pampered as they enter your home!

If you are wondering where you can find an elegant Bergère chair in the styles you want, all you have to do is check out EloquenceⓇ and their selection of high-quality vintage-style furniture.

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