Facebook Marketing: An Ultimate Guide for Startups

Overview of Facebook marketing

Social media sites like Facebook have been an extremely popular forum for getting the brand name enhanced for any company. At this time, there are more than 1.8 billion people who use Facebook marketing to connect with their loved ones and end up discovering new things- and amidst them, one can connect to new brands as well.

Facebook has a comparatively larger user base (about 600 million users) than the others and that is the reason why people mostly use this platform to promote their awareness among the masses.

Therefore, you can be sure of the fact that your brand can be promoted to the masses and more and more people can get to know about your company.

Among all of these people, you will be able to reach the target audience as well. Therefore it is important for all entrepreneurs to know about the intricacies of the Facebook market so that you can get the optimum amount of leads generated.

Did you know that the time spent by an average Facebook user each day is around 55 minutes? Today we will be talking about the best strategies to do Facebook marketing so that all the products and services messages of your company can be spread across the masses and the potential customer conversion can take place

Best tips to do Facebook Marketing in 2020

1. Make your profile picture perfect

Your profile picture is the first thing that can be seen by the website visitors, and therefore you have to make it as attractive as possible. Your picture actually plays a major role as to whether the visitors will like or follow you or not.

The ideal size of having a Facebook profile picture is 180*180 pixels and it is advisable to keep the profile simple so that it looks elegant and stylish.

Try to compress extra-large photos into a miniature frame as that would just look clumsy. If an average user is said to like 2 pages in a month, make your one out of it belong to your brand.

As recommended by the picture experts it has been said that the best form of profile picture is obviously the ones that are taken with close shots and which are of high quality.

It always does not have to be very complicated and sometimes the simplistic approach of keeping a profile picture can turn out to be pretty effective. 

Remember that if your brand name has to stand out among the others, then your profile picture is the main thing that needs to stand apart. Just do not put up any picture and think that things will go perfectly- your profile picture should be your food for thought.

2. The Cover Photo is Important too!

Right after the profile picture is taken, it is important to give attention to the cover picture because it is another element that lures visitors. Your cover picture should comprise whatever your brand name comprises and set the right kind of frame for your products and services.

Most of the geeks have advised that the cover picture should be simple, and yet witty so that after the cover picture check, the visitors can stick to the website content and check every segment of the Facebook page as well.

Well, if you are thinking of hiring a graphic designer, then let me tell you- it is not a mandatory step. You can yourself create some of the best cover photos with the help of digital marketing tools and your brand name is bound to look aristocratic once you are done.

Also once you know the art of cover photo making by yourself, you will be able to change it every now and then without any assistance.

Your brand is your brainchild and no one other than you can bring the best of creativity as far as the cover pic is concerned.

A native video is not to be neglected

In between Facebook Live and the video player, video marketing is not to be taken lightly because it is one of the main elements that actually helps in catching the attention of the viewers.

Make sure that you are creating the kind of video that compels the visitors to stop scrolling take a look at your video and watch it till the end.

If you have an event encompassing your company, then you have to make sure of the fact that you go for Facebook Live so that the engagement can increase to a great extent and your fan base can increase to a great extent as well.

It might seem to be an easy thing to do, but trust us, if you want to give it the professional touch to make it lucrative, then you should give a little more effort.

In accordance with Adweek, it has been seen that the native video gets a lot more views than the external ones- and you can start making these videos from oVertone- so that you can incorporate the content smoothly in the video without making it bland.

3. Do not just post links- add something more to it

If you have a clear insight into the algorithm of Facebook, then you will feel the intricacy and why it is important to give attention to the trivial details You have to make sure of the fact that everyone is receiving diversified content instead of mundane ones.

You might have noticed that some of the posts have been at the receiving end of immense likes and comments, but others seem devoid of attention. Try to make your page among the 4% which comprises of 10,000 followers.

To understand the scenario, you have to understand that only doing self-promotional content will not help you.

Instead of going for just external links, make sure of the fact that you need to give a personal touch to all your posts- so do not hesitate to speak up.

All words with illustrations and see how different all your posts become. Along with the links, make sure that you add words and animated elements to it so that the promotion can happen in a picture-perfect manner.

4- Give attention to the Size of the Image

Optimizing is not only to be done to the content but also to the image. This is because the overall presentation has to be perfect to give you the desired results.

Let us make things clearer for you. If you are posting something on the Facebook website platform and it is not accessible to the mobile platform, then it might have a negative impact on your branding.

If need be, keep a designer to take care of the image so that the size can be ideal and the image quality can be high as well.

Try to have the image created in a way so that while scrolling the eyes of the viewer can stick to the image- and the first impression can be cemented boldly.

5. The Optimization of the post timing has to be perfect

In the case of digital marketing, the timing is the most important thing to look forward to – that is the reason why you would want to know the intricacies of the timing in which the post is being made on Facebook.

There is a specific time in which the number of active users is more and it comes naturally in view.

The content is important, but more important is when it is being posted. You have to understand that for posting on social media, you should be posting mostly on the weekends so that people are free to check the social networking sites and most of the brands have benefited from the same.

It might happen that it might not be possible for you to make the posts in real time when the effectivity will be great.

In cases like that, you will be able to have the posts scheduled so that they can get auto-posted in the given time and you do not have to look back.

Just make sure that the content has been diversified so that the impression can be concrete on the visitors.

5. Double Dipping is essential for the content

You have to remember that all Facebook digital marketing tips do not apply only to Facebook. You also have to make sure of the fact that you are paying attention to not only the Facebook and Instagram visitors but also to the visitors of your mailing list, Instagram, blog traffic, and so on.

This means that you will have to double-dip the content. Now let us sneak  peek into the examples:

  • In order to increase the efficiency, you have to implement the native videos on Facebook and hyperlink it in the blog posts as well.
  • If you are holding a contest on Facebook or even creating an event, you can share it on other platforms like Twitter and Instagram to increase the chances of engagement.
  • Improvise the social media buttons on the homepage of your website as well as in your email campaigning so that the visitors do not miss out on your branding and marketing strategies. This can immensely increase the lead generation’s chances and will also help you turn the potential clients into loyal visitors who would not go for any other option.

6. Your response time should be fast

In social media, you will get a number of incoming messages as soon as you start receiving them. The best form of providing service is to start by responding fast so that the potential clients feel important and they do not have to wait.

If a person is getting good responses from a brand., gradually their trust increases and they start considering the products and services. If not immediately, you should be able to give a response within a  few hours.

We understand that manually might not be a very possible way to deal with the messages- therefore you will have to make sure that you have an auto-response mode so that you can be assured everyone is being attended to. Instead of ignoring the alerts and the notifications you should be checking each and every one of them to know the work progress of Facebook marketing and have the changes done as soon as possible.

Have everything sorted out so that you can focus on the brand engagement of the visitors. If need be, you can get help from the Messenger Chatbot to learn more about the responses.

7. Analytics should not be ignored

One of the most integral parts of getting Facebook marketing on point is to be active in social analytics.

Analytics help you understand the number of views and engagements on social media websites and how Facebook marketing is being driven.

Here you can get the marketing results and understand which post is working well and which one needs to be boosted so that the marketing drive can be perfect. If you see a stagnant audience, then it is high time you started making some changes- but you will never know if you never see the analytics!

8. Ad formats need to be changed every now and then

Facebook ads can be even more effective than any other form of advertisements- and that has been affirmed by some of the most established brands.

There is a magnanimous result brought forward by the Facebook ads so you should never be afraid to experiment with it.

It is important for you to use creative formats so that an interactive approach can be taken with the ads so that you can gain access to more followers and visitors who will get to know about your products and services.

As compared to the newspaper ads which cost $32 per month, the Facebook ads cost 25 cents which is just a nominal amount.

9. Harness the Ad targeting skills

Along with creating the ads, you have to make sure of the fact that the advertisement is being optimized- so that your target audience can be reached with ample efficiency.

Many of the novices make the blunder of creating an advertisement that does not target specifically at all, which is the reason why it hits a broad spectrum of people and is swiped away.

Instead of doing that, make sure that the audience that you want to reach is being targeted to bring positive results.

Let us make this clear with an example. If you have a company with products meant for women of age range 25-40, then sending the relevant advertisement to a broad spectrum of the audience will not help because the men and the women not belonging to the age range will not have any use of the ad and will be annoyed to be at the receiving end of it.

Therefore the Ad is sure to go unnoticed and unshared. Instead, if the ad is created and thrown at the relevant women only, the response rate is sure to be high.

Do not forget that according to the statistics, about 93% of the users go for Facebook marketing on a daily basis- and about 3 million people actually use Facebook only for branding purposes.

10. Choosing the right category for your branding page is essential

Most people think that while making a page, the category can be given casually as what matters is the content. But that is not at all true- because people like or unlike a page on the basis of the category of business. Look in the ready tabs for the options to choose from like ‘personal blogs’, ‘business module’ etc. But if you do not find the relevant tab, then you should be going for the ‘specific mention under the generic tab, which in your case will be “local businesses and brand”

11. The uniqueness of the URL

The URL of the page should be unique so that once it is set, you will have no problem in gaining attention from the visitors.

So make sure that the URL you are choosing is pretty nice and exclusive so that there is a sense of wittiness to it.

Experts say that it is always a good choice to include the brand name so that the visitors can know the essence.

12. Make sure that you create a CTA button brilliantly

Every page has a specific button so that the visitors can reach out to the company. In some pages it can say “sign up” and some others might say “send message”.

This will make sure of the fact that the visitors not only see the page but also ask around if they are in doubt. You can choose from numerous buttons like – Book Now, Use App, Contact Us, Shop Now, Watch Video, and so on. Any number of buttons can be added to go for a different landing page.

If you are selling any sort of product then you can go for the CTA button of Subscribe so that the clients can buy your products and also consider the auto-renewal as well.

13. Customized Facebook tabs are the best

In most of the established brand pages, it has been seen that you get to see some tabs that are absolutely customized to make the user experience better. In these tabs you will be able to do the following things:

  •  You will be able to include a lot of information about your brand that you think the potential clients might like to know.
  •  If there are any questions to be answered then the tabs can be turned into the q/a segment.
  •  It is another one of the interesting ways to implement the CTA.

14. Declutter the posts

The Newsfeed of Facebook, if clumsy can have a negative impact on your branding. This is because, in hundreds of other posts, the relevant ones might get lost.

So it is important for you to declutter the news feed so that the new posts will be noticed and appreciated by the viewers.

Make sure that you are making the posts with the required illustrations so that you will be able to gain ample appreciation.

The image, as well as the headline, should look clear so that the Facebook page can be popular and the content becomes readable as well. Also, you should be able to share user-generated content so that you can relate to the current market trends.

This will not only ensure that the research is being done in the best manner – but that too while saving time as well as less effort at the same time.

15. Go Live

Yes, the latest thing that is trending is definitely the vlog or the video blog which is mostly being done in Facebook in the live streaming version.

It has been seen that between the months of April and November, in the year 2019, there has been a doubling of video posting which rose from 4 million to 8 million.

The videos are immensely effective because the Facebook algorithm has been designed in a manner so that the interest can be implemented in the visitors.

Therefore in the case of live video, the post will come first in the follower feed. Make sure that the videos are captioned in an intelligent manner and it has been seen that the videos with captions have 12% increased view time.

Make the sound optional so that it can be turned off whenever needed- but keep the subtitles to make it understandable even while it is muted.

There are a lot of things that you could improvise to make your Facebook marketing absolutely successful- and the aforementioned ones are just some of them.

So you can start the brand building right away with these strategies. Once you abide by all tips and tricks, there will be no looking back and you will be able to notice the stark difference in the brand enhancement procedure.