Gorgeous Things To Do In Idaho

Idaho is often forgotten; someone remembers it only because a small part of Yellowstone National Park falls into this state. Yet Idaho, whose name was born as a joke, is for me one of the fascinating states in the USA. If you are planning for a vacation in Idaho, try making your flight bookings using copa airlines reservations options for the best deals and comfortable journey. 

Guide for the best Things To Do In Idaho

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What are the Best Things To Do In Idaho?


In the 19th Century, some French trappers thought that Boise’s name was appropriate for Idaho’s capital and one of the most populated cities in the state. It was developed around the homonymous rivers in Southwest Idaho. The Boise metropolitan area also contains the state’s major cities, Nampa and Meridian. The mountains to the Northeast are called Boise Foothills. 

In Marsing, about 40 minutes from Boise, Jump Creek Canyon is ideal for walking and admiring the rocky landscape embellished with a 20-meter waterfall that ends in a pool where you can swim. In winter, the canyon transforms into an enchanting snowy landscape is the best Things To Do In Idaho.

Shoshone Falls

They are the most famous and scenic waterfalls in Idaho formed by the Snake River near Twin Falls, the largest economic center in the south-central. These beautiful waterfalls flow between the rocks in the canyon. They are nicknamed “The Niagara of the West.” About 14 meters tall, they are also wide but not like the original ones between the United States and Canada. 

Most of the water comes from the melting snow of the Rocky Mountains. There is a panoramic terrace from which to admire them, and the best time to appreciate them is spring. Even if the waterfalls are lesser in winter, the panorama becomes suggestive when it is snowy.

Idaho Falls

It is the largest city outside the Boise Metropolitan area. It is the must-go commercial, culture, and hospital hub of East Idaho. You can stroll around along the river in the town, go for a run, or cycle around the beautiful city. 

In the pleasant downtown, you will find restaurants, shops, and other tourist attractions. If you love Art, experts recommend the Museum of Idaho with local crafts and history and the Art Museum of Eastern Idaho with local artists’ alternating works. Harmonious and relaxing, the Japanese Friendship Garden, located on the rocky island along the Snake River, celebrates world friendship and three years of twinning with the city of Tokai-Mura. 

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Lava Hot Springs

At 1,530 meters above sea level, in a valley about 40 minutes from Pocatello (Idaho’s fifth-largest city), the small town is known for its numerous hot springs. The Lava Hot Springs Mineral Pools are accessible all year round with a temperature of around 40 °. There is no sulfur among the minerals present in the water, so you do not notice that particular smell.


Surrounded by three mountain ranges, the largest village in the country developed on Lake Pend Oreille’s shores, 69 km long, where you can even enjoy a beach. In the area, various paths are followed by mountain bikes or on foot. Galleries and Art can be enjoyed in the village, and the Bonner County History Museum, in Lakeview Park preserves the history of Sandpoint and the county are few of the best Things To Do In Idaho

Yellowstone National Park

In less than two hours from the town of Idaho Falls, you arrive in West Yellowstone via highway 20, from which you can deviate in the final part for the scenic route 47 with forests and waterfalls, a prelude to the extraordinary Yellowstone park with geothermal areas, geysers, waterfalls, terraces and canyons that develops almost entirely in Wyoming and minimally in Montana and Idaho.

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