Here’s What Comes with a Rheem 2 Ton Heat Pump

Shopping for HVAC solutions for your home? If you are, you’re going to come across options in heat pumps at some point or other. Before you dive into it, you might have only thought of the matter as one of the air conditioners and “heaters,” but the situation is much more complex than that. Truth be told, heating and air conditioning architecture are much more complex than that as well.

For example, many homeowners and business owners are drawn to the increased reliability and energy efficiency of a Rheem heat pump, or more alternatively of a heat pump with a condenser for when the weather gets too hot.

The thing about heat pumps is that though they are more energy-efficient than other systems, they do typically lack the raw power of dedicated furnaces or condensers.

Even so, more and more homeowners are drawn to them for their relative benefits, which are farther ranging than this simple point. If you’re looking for a Rheem 2 ton heat pump, here’s what you can expect from a model such as the Rheem “Classic” 2 ton 15 SEER Heat Pump that you’ll find as a part of several packages units at Budget Air Supply.

Consider the Rheem/RUUD “Classic” 2 Ton 15 SEER Heat Pump Split System which comes with an outdoor condenser as well as an indoor air handler.

The split system is positively weighed down with features and improved parts for higher efficiency and better heating and cooling performance.

With 24,000 BTUs of cooling capacity and can provide for up to 15kW of electric heat capacity. On the front of power it doesn’t leave much to be desired. In addition, it is made with a number of features to enhance longevity, reduce corrosion and condensation and even diminish vibration and noise.

For example, the cabinet comes with a 35% reduction in the number of fasteners and the entire unit is made with rust resistant screws and even a powder coat paint system. In other words, it not only looks nice, it’s also built to stand up against condensation and corrosion.

As far as efficiency is concerned, the system comes with improved tubing design and enhanced mufflers which greatly help to keep vibration and volume down.

It also improved defrost characteristics, optimized valve sizing, and an energy-efficient scroll compressor. Plenty more could be said of the virtues of the outdoor unit that comes with this package, but to see the fine points, visit

On their website, you’ll be able to learn more about this Rheem 2 ton heat pump and many others that they sell, because a simple truth here is that not all models will perform adequately in all situations. Keep this in mind – their customer service is excellent, so if you have any questions, call them at 855-473-6484 and let them know what you need.

Also remember that they provide a low price guarantee on all their products and they also provide free shipping as well, so you’re going to get a deal one way or the other. Visit their website today to learn more and call them if you have questions or concerns!

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