How Can You Make Money by Writing a Book in 2024?

We have been reading books forever to increase our knowledge and information to only pass time. Kids now do the exact hobby by playing video games, and people once did by reading storybooks. If we compare book writing today with the early times, we are writing more books. Book writing has become a business. These books include every type of book, whether fiction or non-fiction.

Moreover, writing itself has become a business. There are reasons behind it. The quickest way to tell why it is like that is that people need to rank their websites on the internet. They want to rank their content on the top when searching for a related query. And to do that, they need to write search engine-friendly content and write several posts on their website. That’s why writing is high in demand—almost every business on the internet wants to rank their website on top.

If you desire assistance in writing a book, you can hire professional book writers from any good and affordable book writing company.

However, this blog post will discuss 7 ways to write and publish a book to earn money in 2022.

7 ways to write and publish a book

1. Have a Purpose to Write Book

It’s of no use to you when you don’t have a definite purpose for writing a book. It’s just like you see an engineer earning good money and decided to become. Later you realize you don’t like it but still force yourself to study. And even then, when you don’t perform well. Ask yourself! Is that a wise decision? You won’t even write a good book if you are not interested in writing. Therefore, if you are interested in writing and decide to write a book, have a purpose behind it. It will help you clear your goal what you want to tell people through your book. And so, you will write better.

2. Know your Target Audience Details

When you have a purpose behind book writing, you also know who will read it. You write books for humans to read. When you decide on writing a book, you know who is it for. And it depends on the book’s niche and topic. It’s important to know who you are writing for. It tells you what speaking style you should maintain with them, whether writing in an authoritative tone or conversational. Moreover, it will help to research your target audience’s demographics and related things. Keep every aspect of them before you start off writing the book.

3. How to Deal with writer’s block?

We widely use this ‘Writer’s Block’ term in the writing world now. In simple language, writer block means when a writer doesn’t have any words to write. You can say it’s a pause button pressed on their creativity. Newbie writers become very stressed about it often. However, it’s not strange to feel this way. There are days when you don’t feel like working, and you shouldn’t either. We will tell you two scenarios of writer’s block and how to deal with them.

a. When you write personal content

It’s okay to extend the timeline if you are writing a novel or a book not for anyone but for you, which means you aren’t doing a job or any freelance project. You are not answerable to any person, and no one’s paying you to write.

b. When you write for a client

When you write for a client, they might disagree with this writer’s block issue and demand work before the deadline. In such situations, you can research the internet and read books, articles, and videos about your writing topic. It will help you get more ideas, motivation, and inspiration to write further. Moreover, taking 1-2 days’ break is perfectly fine. Just like we sleep for some hours in 24 hours, we need breaks in our work.

4. Do Some Rest

Take taking rest seriously. You don’t want to get burnout while working on a project, right? Therefore, you must take breaks. As discussed above, taking a day or two breaks is okay whether you’re writing for a client or yourself. You are not writing a web article or website content for your client. You are writing a book. Even when working, take a quick break of five minutes after every 2-3 hours of work. You can go outside in the fresh air, eat something you like, listen to the song you love. Remember that entertainment is essential. Moreover, we recommend taking one or two minutes to break after every 15 minutes to give your eyes rest.

5. Edit After You Finish Writing

Write in a flow. Writers know about this thing; when they write, they write non-stop. And they end up writing a complete paragraph. Imagine if they write and edit together. They write one sentence and then edit it and then write another. How frustrating could it be? And more for non-native English writers. Therefore, experts recommend keeping writing and editing separate. You need to edit your text after finishing your manuscript ideally. This way, your creativity would not get wasted by doing technical things in between it.

How to Edit your Book?

It is a vast topic. There are many editing types. However, this blog post will classify editing into two: i) Editing ii) Proofreading.


There are many types of editing. We will discuss the general term. After you finish writing, keep the manuscript for a day. Take a day off from work. Then come back the next day, read it carefully, and correct the mistakes in the manuscript. You can use applications like Grammarly to fix grammatical errors, typos, and other errors quickly. However, do it very cautiously as applications are not humans, and what they suggest might not be correct at times. So, check before accepting the suggestions it provides. If you don’t want to do it, you can hire an editor.

Moreover, it is bothering when editors change something the writer wrote. We can’t take anyone’s side in this. Either can be right or wrong. They’re both justified. To solve this problem, discuss this issue beforehand by hiring an editor.


Proofreading is the final thing we do before book publishing. After an editor has done editing, it’s time to proofread the book. However, know that editing is not a single time process. It takes a long time as there are many forms of editing. It can also become a problematic thing to hire an editor. Expert editors who have worked with prominent authors charge more, and these are the editors most people want to work with. A proofreader reads your book after every editing is done. We do it to ensure it has no more errors left. If it has, the proofreader will correct those errors. After proofreading, your book gets ready to get published. Don’t fear investing in editors and proofreaders. They will make your book ready for market.

6. Publish Your Book

You can publish your book in two main ways.

  • Self-publishing
  • Traditional publishing


It is the most accessible book publishing method we have now. You can quickly publish your book and start earning money from it. However, there are more things to this. There are drawbacks to self-publishing.

  • People usually don’t consider self-published books quality books.
  • Making your book popular is challenging if you don’t have a high budget.

However, you can use other marketing strategies to promote your book on the search engine, social media and video platforms like YouTube. They are both free and paid, whichever you use.

Traditional publishing

If you choose to publish your book, prepare yourself for several rejections. Although, we are not demotivating you. You might publish it in the first go. We say it’s hard because established publishers have criteria they want everyone to meet, and they are difficult. One example is they don’t accept direct submissions. You need to hire a literary agent, and hiring a literary agent itself is not so easy. But it depends on your or your client’s goals. If you have decided to publish your book traditionally, go for it. Make your text more polished and better without letting its originality lose.

However, choose self-publishing if you want to make quick money from your book. It is a speedier way to publish the book.

7. Sell your Book

To sell your book, you need to market it so that more people see it. You can make a landing page website for your book and make it search engine optimized. This way, your website will receive traffic. Here it’s essential to have an excellent ad copy on your website that can convince your customers why it’s a good decision to purchase your book.

Moreover, promote your book via paid marketing on social media. However, ensure your advertisements aren’t annoying and boring, or over as well.

You can sell your book on Amazon Kindle as well. It is the biggest self-publishing book platform.