How to Switch already Booked Car with Cut in Salary

Since the declaration of nationwide continuous lockdowns by the government, we all were contended to remorse over the conditions of all sectors. All industries, companies, authorities and organisations were adversely impacted due to these situations.

The prevailing situation lead to atrocities by these over their employees by cutting the salaries and emphasis to work from home with the already existed compatibility with each other but now with online modes available thereof social media platforms.

Standard Income With Huge Taxations

I am one of them living in a cottage, was a regular employee in a company, earning a standard income with huge taxations, a result of working under a private ownership. When he commenced about the order of working and operating with the orders of the companies now operated from home.

With the conditions of cutting salary by 50% and no holidays even for a single day other than Sundays. Like every other employee working with me who was devastated at this decision of his boss, I was in dread to hold my dream for a car for a long period of time.

In this blog, I shall be sharing my experience in lockdown and still fighting with it to give a bump to receive my dream car at my residence before Christmas and how did I bear the load of having a car with the help of direct lending.

How did I get my car at my residence?

I was initially fallen in the concerns of making my own car delivered to my place even after its booking before the announcements of lockdowns. I was concerned over the next instalments and tended to think about how I could tolerate all expenses in addition to the car expenses.

Many a times, we have to think about the relations between the collaboration and adulteration of mismanagement with disappointment in regards of the lifestyle proportions with other sources of life and leisure. Almost all the disguised things have swallowed my wills and desires.

The situation enforced me to rethink over the decision of owning a car, I started believed that I committed a blender and I would have thought for a different means of making investments.

Yes, gradually my mind encased a different perspective of investing my money in other forms of retaining benefits and reconciling the self attention with full contrition to make my money invested in some other places except in car.

Work from home- bane or boon

At first I felt that this opportunity to sit at home and operate all official work from these could bring a new change in life with less responsibilities and no much nuisance. But what I got was entirely different from the perspectives i made at very first.

Gradually, I witnesses how be like sitting at home and working for office. I am now evident with the efforts I had to make to make collaboration between family and office. On one side my family including all senior and junior were creating noise.

And on the other hand my boss and seniors were pressurising me for dealing official work from home. I was feeling mismanaged and got no help from both sides.

In all these conditions, I had no hope to continue with my work and getting my car at my home. The dream of owning a car was seen greatly impacted and coarsely influenced my working criteria of handling the situation at both ends.

Why was I considering a car?

I was looking for a car to fully versed with the current times to hold my life and adorn my family’s wishes to travel in own conveyance. My children were urging to have a journey to distant places like their friends.

My parents were also wishing for a car to have a pilgrimage to great churches to get heavenly abode till their last breath with content that their son has now owned a car by himself.

Getting financial support  

Somehow I could attain financial help in the form of loans from direct lenders in UK. They have been very helpful in maintaining my financial management from the first instalment to the last instalment of my car and get it delivered at my residence.

The loans offered by direct lenders could help me throughout the concerns for my car which I have booked before lockdown and later incapable of paying the next instalments.


Many obstructions laid down in my way to have my dream car at my residence but my patience and self insurance were helping me throughout my decisions of finally getting a car. Also the role of direct lenders was very supportive and leads my will to accommodate finally my pre-booked car at my home.