Increase Conversions With the Right Shopify Website Design

Are you getting a decent amount of traffic to your online store but can’t seem to get consistent conversions going? Solid traffic and lagging sales can be an indication that there is something wrong with the design aspect of your website. Whether the product pages look shoddy, the navigation is confusing, or the checkout process is clumsy, there could be something amiss that is turning your users away at the door or before they make those vital purchases.

Increase Conversions for shopify website

Investing in a professional Shopify website design could significantly improve your conversion rate in a variety of different ways. So much of shopper behavior depends on visuals and the technical aspects of a website, especially these days given how much competition there is. What might seem functional to you might look unappealing to one of your shoppers. There’s a certain degree of quality that has to be put into the online shopping experience if you want to really make those conversions.

What Are Your Users Looking For?
This is the first question you really want to ask. Is your Shopify store meeting all of the needs of your users or have you simply relied on what you think works up until this point? A professional website design in this case can be the difference between an underperforming website and one that sees steady sales.

Why does design matter so much? Shouldn’t it be all about the product? This issue could go both ways, since marketing and aesthetics have always played a role to some degree when it comes to selling products. When it comes to online shopping, the website itself is a part of the package. Just because you’re getting traffic into your store with SEO or PPC doesn’t mean users will be warm to the idea of purchasing from you if the branding looks cheap or if the product pages look cobbled together with tape and glue.

Ultimately, your users are looking for a polished experience that instills them with confidence that they are making the right decision. If anything looks cheap or fishy on your website, it will result in a bounce or an abandoned cart in most cases. A quality Shopify website design could change all of that, by providing your customers with a better experience during every phase of the conversion funnel.

Building a Website With the User in Mind
The next question you want to ask is how does your website serve the needs of your users. Every part of your website should be crafted in such a way that it not only makes the buying process easier, but also helps give your users a reason to buy in the first place.

Is your navigation easy to follow and is it simple to find certain products on your store, or is it a chore? Is the layout of your product pages confusing or do they give off a professional vibe? How about your checkout process, does it look the part or does it appear amateurish?

All of these factors have to be considered if you want to land those conversions. This means you need to invest in a website designer that can enhance every aspect of your store’s visual appeal and technical quality, so that your users will know they are with a trustworthy and reliable brand.

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