Is Grand Cayman Property for Sale for You?

So you’ve made the decision to buy a piece of property for yourself or for your family and you appreciate the warmer weather. No doubt you’ve considered some tropical areas like the Cayman Islands if this is the case.

The Cayman Islands don’t just afford pleasant weather and warm temperatures throughout much of the year. For interested prospective buyers who are drawn to tropical living, the Cayman Islands also provide modern infrastructure, a stable government that is welcoming to foreign buyers, many safe neighborhoods, and plenty of culture and entertainment as well.

With that in mind, before you get too into the process of buying, here are a few things to consider to determine if Grand Cayman property for sale is for you.

– Remember, there are other islands!

Even though you might be thinking that you are interested in Grand Cayman property for sale, there are other islands to consider. While Grand Cayman is home to attractions like Seven Mile Beach and areas like West Bay, George Town, South Sound, Rum Point and Cayman Kai, there’s so much more to consider.

If you enjoy a really peaceful, quiet getaway, then you might enjoy the living opportunities that await you on Cayman Brac or on Little Cayman. Both of these islands are much smaller than Grand Cayman, are less developed, and are home to much fewer people as well.

– Do you want to buy something that is ready to move into, or do you want to develop the land for yourself?

You also may want to figure out whether you are looking for homes for sale that you can move right into, or whether you’d like to see some property in the Cayman Islands that you can develop yourself.

If you want to move in right away, it would be advisable to buy a home or a condo, but if you want to build your home from the ground up or even open a business, then land might be a better deal.

– Is this purchase going to be for you and your family, or will it be a rental property or other investment?

Also, keep in mind the end goal. If you are going to move to this new location, make sure you figure out what amenities and special utilities you might need in a residence before you move there.

If the property is going to be a rental, then you might have some more freedom with the purchase. That is, it might not need to suit your specific, personal needs.

– Are you going to live here, or do you just want a home away from home?

To the last point, if you are going to make a permanent move to the new home, you’ll want to make sure it is large enough for you and near enough to the services you need. The islands may be small – relatively – but you may still want to be near essential services. If you just want a second home, then you might be interested in different criteria.

Some of these questions and considerations will help you get closer to your goal, regardless of what it is. And, in the event that these questions and points only raised some questions for you, then it might be time for you to reach out to a Cayman Islands real estate provider.

Get in touch with Crighton Properties who will help field your questions and aid you in your search. A member of CIREBA, they’ve helped many clients find their dream properties and can do the same for you. First, you have to get in touch with them – visit their website,, or call them up at 345-949-5250 today.