How to get QuickBooks Error Code 99001 Resolved?

QuickBooks Error Code 99001 happens when you attempt to open a multi-client file in a solitary client arrangement. The error message peruses shows up as: “QuickBooks is unable to open this company file”. 

What are the reasons for Quickbooks Error 99001? 

The file is open on another gadget in Single User mode. 

The file is situated in a read-just network folder. 

The files are facilitated on a Linux server and are utilizing more than one bunch of login qualifications to sign in to the shared folder. 

The file is being gotten to utilizing a far off software (LogMeIn, GoToMyPC, and so forth) and the host PC actually sees that that client is as yet endorsed in. 

Answers for Fix QuickBooks Error 99001 

Arrangement 1: Use the QuickBooks File Doctor 

Download and run the QuickBooks File Doctor. This is significant so kindly do this cautiously. On the off chance that this doesn’t help, proceed onward to the next arrangement. In any case, this one is the least demanding as here the lone thing you need to do is to install the file and attempt to run it. 

Arrangement 2: Manually fix the QuickBooks error 99001 

On the off chance that the company file is open in Single User mode in another workstation 

Stage 1: Exit QuickBooks Desktop in all gadgets. 

Stage 2: Open the company file on the Host gadget. 

Stage 3: Visit the File menu, at that point pick Switch to Multi-client mode. 

Stage 4: in the event that you are getting a similar issue, reboot all workstations.

In the event that the company file is open in Single User mode on the Host PC. 

Stage 1: Visit the File menu, at that point select Close company. 

Stage 2: Re-open the company file. Visit the File menu, at that point press Open or Restore Company. 

Stage 3: Choose Open a company file, at that point Next. 

Stage 4: Apply your company file. 

Stage 5: Press Open file in multi-client mode, at that point Open. 

In the event that your company file is situated in a read-just network folder 

Stage 1: Visit the PC that is hosting your company file. 

Stage 2: Open the folder where your company file is saved. 

Stage 3: Right-click on the folder, at that point select Properties. 

Stage 4: Visit the Security tab. 

Stage 5: Choose the client that is having issues to sign in, at that point Edit. 

Stage 6: Check Allow for Full Control. 

Stage 7: Press Apply, at that point OK.

On the off chance that the PC is being gotten to distantly by means of LogMeIn, GoToMyPC, and so forth 

Stage 1: Right-click on the taskbar, at that point press Task Manager. 

Stage 2: Visit the Processes tab. Check if there are running processes under the name of the client that you are having issues with. 

Stage 3: If there are processes under that client, restart your PC. 


In the event that you can not determination the QuickBooks Error Code 99001 – connect with our specialized help group at QuickBooks error support

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