Serving Up Delicious Protein Drinks for Bariatric Patients

The words “protein drinks for bariatric patients” shouldn’t summon up discomfort or revulsion when you hear them. In fact, if you know where to look, the words should nearly conjure up a feeling of anticipation.

Granted, many patients of bariatric surgery have probably dealt with less than pleasant protein meal replacements in the past simply in order to keep up their protein intake. There are plenty of protein drinks out there that are flavorless, and for what it’s worth, probably many of them are worse than this.

There are protein shakes and drinks out there that, beyond being flavorless, actually have a bad aftertaste, a gritty texture, or both. Nothing is worse than food that is distasteful and has a poor texture. At any rate, however, there’s no need for this to be an irremovable component in your life in the wake of weight loss surgery.

You do need to take high-quality protein sources every day after bariatric surgery, especially in the early stages of the diets, in order to keep up your daily protein intake so that you can promote muscle mass and help with weight management. Ensuring that your nutritional needs are met as a bariatric surgery patient can certainly be involved, but it doesn’t have to be flavorless.

Hope is on the horizon and it comes in the unassuming form of a package known as Bariatric Eating. While you can find a number of bariatric foods, snacks, meals, supplements, and even recipes on their website, the focus of this article is to shed some light on their revolutionary – and most importantly, delicious – protein drinks for bariatric patients.

Visit their website, where you can see some of these delectable protein powders for yourself. Many of their protein powders are created with pure, sweet clean whey protein isolates that will help you ensure that you are getting the proper number of grams of protein per day in order to meet your protein requirements.

It’s not all about the protein, though. These drinks are made with the highest quality ingredients, and in many cases, they are made with the real deal. Take, for instance, their Inspire Pumpkin Pie Protein Powder, which isn’t just made with spice – it’s made with real pumpkin.

Protein powders like this are also made with their specially formulated and undetectable Albion Calci-KⓇ Calcium Potassium Phosphate Citrate, which is great for people on no-acid diets. At the same time, it helps to keep your calcium intake at the proper levels.

The best thing about this protein powder, however, is not simply that it will meet your dietary requirements. Those things are important, but it is equally important to keep in mind that this delicious protein powders that will mix into a creamy smooth and satisfying shake with nothing but a little water or milk and a spoon.

No more gritty, sandy aftertastes or horrific textures, and not more lack of flavor. These protein powders are, in many cases, made with real ingredients and simply bursting with complex and satisfying flavors. They’re not experimental, either. These are proprietary recipes and blends that have been made specifically for Bariatric Eating in order to meet requirements of flavor and satisfaction as well.

If you’re looking for a break from the bland protein powders of yesterday, then Bariatric Eating is your ticket to a new life of refreshed flavors, even after bariatric surgery. Check out their website where you can see some of these unique and delicious protein powders for yourself, and if you want to learn more they have plenty of resources on their website. Still, feel free to contact them if you have additional questions!

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