Should You Try MilSim?

There are two broad ways to classify airsoft players; those who play for fun, who might call themselves plinksters, and those who play competitively. Those who play for fun do it for the self-evident enjoyment of target practice, whereas those who take part in matches play for the challenge and the joy of victory that comes with cooperation and collaboration.

An airsoft match will require an immense degree of organization and planning in order for the techniques and tactics of a team’s overarching strategy to prove effective. Communication, collaboration, cooperation, and patience will all pay off in the field. An airsoft match will test your patience and your ability to make compromises for the better of the team at large. In short, airsoft competitions are some of the best ways to challenge yourself and to grow for the better.

Not all matches are created equal, though, and there are just as many types of competitive matches out there under organization as there are different types of airsoft guns. Anyone who plays competitively for long enough is going to come across a term called MilSim. This is a portmanteau of the abbreviated elements of two words – military simulation.

What makes a MilSim event different from other airsoft matches is the degree of organization that the match requires as well as rules that prescribe it. As it is defined by “Military Simulation,” you might have guessed that the conditions surrounding a MilSim match are somewhat different from other airsoft matches.

This is abundantly true. These types of matches often take place over the course of several days, requiring both parties to the match to spend several days in a meticulously designed course that will test their skills and a multitude of them. Players who engage in military simulation matches can expect to have their skills of survival, navigation, and orienteering tested as well as their skills in tactics and engagement.

Military simulations won’t just test a player’s intestinal fortitude in the outdoors; it will test a player’s grit and determination because military simulation matches are often highly hemmed in with rules and regulations. Oftentimes, a MilSim match will place strict rules on how many members a team can have and the equipment and other tactical gear they can carry.

In fact, given the name, you might have been able to garner that a military simulation is, in fact, intended to reenact military encounters and engagements, and you would be right. For that reason, military simulations are used not only for training military personnel as well as law enforcement members. The degree of regulation surrounding these matches makes them more of a challenge than other matches, and as stated, some of them last several days on end in harsh conditions.

Therefore, if you are looking for creative new ways to try your skills as a player, you should definitely consider a MilSim match. It shouldn’t be sugar-coated; a MilSim match will test your skills, but you’ll be the better for it.

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