What’s So Special about Merckens Chocolate?

Chocolate is a universally loved ingredient. It’s almost taboo to admit you aren’t a huge fan of this decadent treat. Nevertheless, chocolate is a highly utilized ingredient in the world of baking. It has even evolved into an entire industry, allowing many people to dedicate their lives to the crafting of chocolate.

Chocolate can also be a very versatile ingredient. It can be used in a plethora of different ways and functions. Traditionally, you can find chocolate by itself to be enjoyed in bar form to truly appreciate its flavor, body, and overall taste. Additionally, you can find chocolate mixed in with other ingredients or covering other treats with its rich decadent flavor and satisfying snap.

Just take a look around you at your local bakery, grocery store, or convenience store and notice how many products contain chocolate. In a sense, many would agree that chocolate has taken over the world.

However, there is some speculation between esteemed chocolatiers and chocolate lovers alike of which chocolate is the best to use for in-store goodies or at-home creations. Chocolate that can be used in many applications has to also achieve good standing in quality, taste, and versatility. It has been mulled over for many years, but many bakeries and chocolatiers have agreed that Merckens Chocolate is one of the best for versatility and overall quality.

What is Merckens Chocolate?

Merckens chocolate has been used for many years for enrobing, dipping, and molding. This highly versatile brand of chocolate can usually be found in most bakeries and chocolate shops because of its redeeming qualities.

Since 1921 this brand has been making chocolate that is consistently used for baked goods, cakes, and other chocolate-centered sweet treats. Merckens chocolate is typically found in bar or wafer form, making this the easiest chocolate to melt into a perfectly smooth and creamy liquid.

This type of chocolate is slightly different from the normal chocolate bars you can find at your local convenience store. Merckens chocolate is compound chocolate. Compound chocolate is unique compared to other traditional forms of chocolate because it contains vegetable oil in place of cocoa butter. This change in ingredient makes this chocolate easier to melt and mold, without the difficulty of tempering the chocolate.

Another universally friendly component of Merckens chocolate is the overall variety of their products. As mentioned above, this can be found in a chocolate wafer or bar form. What makes Merckens chocolate so special is that the wafers can come in a plethora of different colors.

This makes it especially easy for chocolatiers and bakers to craft sweet chocolate treats in all colors of the rainbow. By using Merckens colored chocolate wafers, you can get creative and colorful with all of your favorite sweet treats!

Where Can I Buy Merckens Chocolate?

Now that you are fully convinced to invest in some high-quality Merckens chocolate, you now have to find a trustworthy, reliable, and experienced bakery supply distributor. It can be difficult to find a proper place to purchase bakery and confectionery supplies for your bakery or chocolate shop. It’s important to support a company that understands the importance of high-quality products and fast service.

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