What To Do With A Non-Functional VPN?

The VPN is a technology that has been developed to encrypt the internet connection and also to change its IP address so that it can access its favorite sites wherever it is. It is a system which is currently starting to be more and more popular thanks to its advantages. However, sometimes it happens that the VPN does not work normally. What are the causes of this dysfunction and how to correct them? Our experts will try to answer all your questions about the virtual private network. At the same time, we have selected for you the most reliable and efficient VPN currently.

Why is a VPN not working?

Normally, VPN services are very easy to use and install technologies. However, like most applications on the Internet, they can also experience certain bugs or malfunctions. If this happens, the problems can be with the VPN application itself but in the majority of cases they are due to wrong handling or incorrect configurations made by the user for the top VPN for Chrome.

In the event of a problem, the user will no longer be able to pass his internet connection through the virtual private network. When he tries to connect to the network, the failure is immediately noticed. If the software sends an error message, the problem could be with the software. Otherwise, if it is an incompatibility issue, the application will not open. You won’t even be able to install it because your operating system will notify you. In any case, as soon as you encounter a problem with your VPN, go directly to its official website to see the documentation online. Normally, you will find the answers to your question there. If that doesn’t help, try following the tips below to pinpoint the problem and find a suitable solution.


There are many reasons that could block the functioning of your VPN. Here are those most encountered by internet users and related solutions:

Installation problem

If you encounter a problem when installing the VPN, the problem could come from the VPN application that you downloaded. You may have saved the wrong version for your operating system. For example, you downloaded a 64-bit version while your system is running 32-bit, etc. To fix the problem, just download a new version of the app. Otherwise, the installation file may also be corrupted. In this case, your operating system will send you an error message. If you have downloaded a free VPN application for android, you may also have installation problems.

VPN connection not possible

If your VPN software has been installed on your device but after launching it you are having problems such as connection impossible, connection interrupted, etc., then you probably have an internet connection problem. Remember that VPN is a system that was designed to work only with an active internet connection. To remedy this, check your internet connection and make sure that your firewall is not blocking your VPN. In the worst case, it is your ISP that blocks your VPN connection. If this happens, contact an online technician.

HS VPN Server

This problem is very common especially when the user has chosen an untrusted VPN. To detect if the problem is really with the VPN server, then connect to another VPN server. If your VPN is working again, then the malfunction is related to a server failure. Some VPN operators offer with their client software a feature that allows the user to test if a VPN server is functional and not saturated, with one click. These are the most recommended VPNs currently.

Error messages

If you get error messages like Error 619, Error 628, Error 691, Errors 789, 809 or 810, etc. then you are having problems with your VPN service. Normally all these errors are listed on a page available on the official website of the VPN operator. To find a solution to the problem, you will only have to identify the problem and apply the appropriate solution.

Very slow VPN connection

This problem is also very frequent, especially in developing countries. In Europe, Asia, and the USA where the internet connection is very fast, this problem is very rare. If this happens it is because the user has chosen to connect to a VPN server installed very far from his country or he has chosen a VPN that has VPN servers with very low transfer rates. The response time will be very slow in this case. Depending on the problem encountered, the customer will therefore have to use a very high-speed connection or connect to quality VPN servers.

Site not unblocked

If your VPN can’t unblock a specific site, it’s because you connected to the wrong VPN server. Note that to unblock a foreign site, you should pretend to be an Internet user-installed in the country concerned. To do this, connect to a VPN server located in the country where the site to unblock is hosted. For example: to unblock a geo-censored FR site in Asia, you must use a French IP address but not an Asian ISP IP. In the case of Netflix, only a few VPNs can unblock this site.

The most reliable VPN currently

Here is the list of the most reliable and the best performing VPN currently. These are high-end VPN services that offer quality offers. In the first place, there is Hidemyass VPN which currently has +950 VPN servers located in +190 countries in the world. Then there is Ipvanish which offers +500 super-fast VPN servers. And finally, in third place, there is Express VPN which is very secure. Its client software is very easy to use and configure. Note that these VPNs are all compatible with Open VPN, L2TP, and PPTP. For more info on these VPN services, go directly to their official website.