Where to Find the Best Couverture Chocolate

For all the chocolate lovers and chocoholics out there, there is a huge chance that you are not very particular about what type of chocolate you choose to enjoy. This isn’t a bad thing, because if you love something like chocolate that much, you are going to get it in any way, shape, or form you can. Sure, you can have your own chocolate preferences, but if someone offered you a piece of chocolate, you wouldn’t hesitate to accept their offer.

Find the Best Couverture Chocolate

Did you know that there are different categories or types of chocolate that are used to make your favorite decadent treats? In fact, there are quite a few different types of chocolate, and it stems from how the chocolate is actually made. A type of chocolate that is commonly used and can usually be found in most of your favorite chocolate bars or chocolate-covered confections, is called couverture chocolate.

What is Couverture Chocolate?

All chocolate is relatively made the same, but it’s about how the different ratios and how finely processed each ingredient is. Chocolate typically consists of cocoa solids, cocoa butter, sugar, and any additional additives like vanilla, milk powder, or soy lecithin.

Differently than regular chocolate, couverture style chocolate is made with a much higher percentage of cocoa butter, more than any other ingredient. This chocolate also has to be ground finer during the chocolate manufacturing process. Due to this process, what is produced is higher quality chocolate that is typically chosen over other types of chocolate.

How to Use Couverture Chocolates

Due to the higher concentration of cocoa butter that is in couverture chocolate, it’s the perfect thing to use for melting. The more cocoa butter that is in chocolate, the easier it is to melt and be made a fluid, which helps it from burning. Due to the fact that it has a high melting point, this chocolate is the perfect option for melting and tempering.

If you’re unfamiliar with the act of tempering chocolate, it’s the art of heating and cooling chocolate to the correct temperatures to stabilize the cocoa butter crystals and make sure it’s even. It’s quite a difficult process that takes time, skill, and patient. After perfectly tempering couverture chocolate, it should have an incredibly shiny appearance. Once it has hardened, tempered chocolate should give you a perfect ‘snap’ when you bite into it and flawlessly melt in your mouth.

A nicely tempered couverture chocolate is the perfect thing to enrobe truffles, coat strawberries, or make your own chocolate bars.

So, if you are someone who likes to work with chocolate and make homemade chocolate-covered treats, consider learning how to properly temper chocolate, and make sure you’re using couverture.

Purchasing the Best Couverture Chocolate

When you decide to make the great decision of purchasing some high-quality couverture chocolate, you must get it from a place that is known for its supply of great baking ingredients.

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