5 Reasons that Hawaii is a Perfect Destination

Hawaii, the archipelago of volcanic islands located on the Tropic of Cancer. They represent the paradise for all lovers of water sports and snorkeling. There are thousands of reasons to visit the Hawaiian Islands, and certainly one of the first concerns the beaches. Visit places like Waikiki, Oahu, and you will never want to go back. On the coast, several sporting and non-sporting activities are practiced. You can choose from various water sports like surfing, snorkeling, diving, fishing, and paddle surfing. To save some extra money on flight bookings, use JetBlue booking options to grab the best deals and discounts. Here are the reasons why every traveler must visit Hawaii!

When to VIsit Hawaii?

Hawaii can be visited all year round. The subtropical climate that characterizes the archipelago is cooled by the trade winds and ranges between 22 and 29 degrees. Furthermore, there are no distinct differences between winter and summer. The hottest period is from June to October, while the wettest months are from December to March. The peak of the influx of tourists in Hawaii is reached in winter. Simultaneously, from April to November, the waters are calmer, hotel prices drop, and it is possible to practice windsurfing and diving with greater tranquility.

Hawaii, also known as the Big Island, is a good starting point for exploring the archipelago as it allows you to have a taste of everything that the island offers. 

Reasons to Visit Hawaii

Incredible Natural Beaches

It is the most heterogeneous island from a geographical point of view, with rainforests, volcanoes, deserts, and a coast with splendid beaches and clear waters. Don’t miss a visit to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, the island’s volcanic park that includes two active volcanoes, a steaming caldera, and spectacular lava formations. Pu’uhonua O Honaunau National Historical Park is also worth visiting on the island. 

Cultural Influence

Here, there are temples, necropolis, wooden sculptures depicting ancient gods, and a stone slab used to play “konane”, a sort of ancestor of the game of chess. Oahu is the most famous island of the archipelago and hosts the symbolic places of Hawaii, such as the city of Honolulu, the capital of the Aloha State and the only American city located in the Tropics; Waikiki, the coastal extension of the town; and the suggestive Pearl Harbor Bay with the Arizona Memorial, the monument dedicated to the famous Japanese attack. 

Lush Green Beauty

Kauaiinstead is the greenest and most luxuriant island of the archipelago, so much so that it has earned the nickname of “Garden Island. ” Its coastline, the Na Pali Coast, is 35 km long and is all a succession of cliffs hundreds of meters high that plunge into the turquoise waters of the ocean. Kauai is an island just 53 km long from east to west and 40 km from north to south, and yet it is home to a canyon ( Waimea Canyon ) that is 835 meters deep.

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Traditions and Folklore

Among the most exciting aspects of Hawaiian folklore, which derives from the encounter between Pacific and American culture, there is undoubtedly the sinuous dance called Hula. The Merrie Monarch Festival, which takes place in April, is dedicated. Is it a real competition between American and Japanese hula schools in memory of King David Kal? Kaua, a great promoter of the Hawaiian arts and, in particular, of music and dance.

Another competition is the one that takes place on Lei Day in May and which focuses on the construction of the characteristic Hawaiian flower garlands called “lei.” Parades, cultural events, canoe, and singing competitions are instead included in the Aloaha Festival’s rich program from August to October.

Hawaiian Cuisines

Hawaiian cuisine is very similar to Polynesian cuisine and involves an abundant use of fish, meat, and vegetables. The ingredients are often combined in the same dish and seasoned with quite spicy sauces. The local specialty is Saimin, a soup made with seaweed, shrimp, Japanese mushrooms, slices of bonito, green onion, strips of pork, and Kamaboo, a Japanese dough obtained from the processing of smoothed and colored surimi and bluefish. So hop on the flight to Hawaii and eat your heart out! You may even try making your bookings using Air France reservation options for the best flying experience.