Are you suffering from eating disorders? – Signs you should know

The disorder in which the mental and physical health of a person is affected due to bad eating habits is known as an eating disorder. Many people are unaware of the fact that they are suffering from an eating disorder. The psychologist gold cost suggested the signs of the person suffering from the eating disorder.

So, we will look at some signs in people suffering from an eating disorder.

Anorexia Nervosa

In this illness, the person becomes extremely thin due to very few eating habits in the fear of getting fat. This is the illness, in which the person is in some mental misunderstanding that he or she is very fat. But in reality, they get more skinny. The people suffering from this disorder cannot feel the reality of their physical appearance in their life.

Bulimia nervosa

In this disorder, the person tends to eat at his or her fullest limits. But, after eating due to guilt or fear of getting overweight the person tries to use unhealthy methods to get rid of the food eaten that is forced vomiting, heavy exercising after the food intake, and sometimes also stay hungry for a longer period of time.

Binge Eating Disorder

In this disorder, the person gets an uncontrollable urge of eating an excessive amount of food even when they are not feeling hungry. Many people gain excess weight due to excess eating habits which result in the feeling of shame and guilt in them. To compensate for the feeling of guilt and shame they tend to eat more even after gaining weight. This disorder is found more in men than in women. This disorder is generally caused in the period of early adulthood or teenage. You can easily recognize a person with this disorder if he or she tries to hide the amount of food he or she eats in a day due to shame and guilt.


The disorder in which the only concern of the person is about the nutritional values in the food which they are intaking is known as orthorexia. Orthorexia makes a person so much worried about the nutrition and the ingredients of the food that the person starts social distancing from the parties or the places where the food is being served, which results in mental illness and impacts the physical body.

Muscle Dysmorphia

This disorder is the opposite of Anorexia Nervosa disorder. In this, a person thinks that his muscular mass is very less due to which the person starts excessive exercising in the gym due to which at the end of the day the person gets exhausted. The person feels that he or she is not having the proper nutritional food and also thinks that he or she is not doing the exercise in the correct way due to which they think they are skinny. The person is in the huge misunderstanding that his or her muscle mass is very less than required.


This is the disorder that urges a person to eat non-eatable things like mud, detergent powder, chalk, pebbles, hairs, paper, etc. This disorder is generally caused to young children and pregnant women and a person with mental disabilities. This disorder is very dangerous as the amount of the non-eatable intake in a person increases then depending upon the physical and chemical nature of the thing which they are eating can also affect the body by creating poison or causing infections in the body. Sometimes eating dangerous things in excess can also have the chance to cause death.

Rumination disorder

This is the medical condition in which the patient tends to chew to food which he or she has already chewed or swallowed. In this disorder, the patient either spit the food or swallow after chewing the chewed food. This disease can occur in infants as well as adults. Infants of around three to twelve months of age can be cured by the disorder but adults need medication or treatments to cure this disorder. This disorder is very fatal as the effect of this disease is the loss of weight. Hence, if you are losing weight drastically then there are chances that you may suffer from this disorder.

Avoidant/restrictive food intake disorder

This disorder causes the patient to eat less than a normal person. It is common between men and women. The patients of this disorder may eat less due to various problems like the unfavorable taste, unfavorable texture, temperature, and less interest in the food. This disease may cause a person to lose his or her own weight. ARFID also causes a person in deficiency in the nutrients that are present in food. This disorder may also cause the inability to develop the body.

Skipping food

When a person generally is concerned about his or her appearance and skips his or her meals or eats less portion of food in regular meals then there are chances that a person is suffering from the eating disorder. This disorder can cause a huge weight loss and many other physical problems in a person. This disease is generally observed amongst teenagers and adults. The person with this disease generally tries to exercise more and eat less which may bring weakness in the person due to which the person may not get sufficient energy to work in his or her routine work.

Physical signs

If a person is suffering from an eating disorder then you may find some physical signs such as yellow skin, poor wound healing, fine hair on the body, swelling of the legs, and other problems. These problems are generally caused due to not eating proper food which may provide the required vitamins and nutrients to the body or eating excess food which may harm the body.

Hence, if you find any of the physical problems mentioned above in a person, then there are chances that the person is suffering from an eating disorder.