Best 5 Tamil Nadu Attractions

Tamil Nadu is a fascinating part of South India, with its characteristic similar to ancient Dravidian culture. The state attracts to its towering and complex temples both tourists and pilgrims. Places of interest are beaches and hill stations. Tamil Nadu has a particularly hassle-free visit, particularly for women, because of its culture. Here are some of Tamil Nadu’s top tourist spots.


Chennai is known as South India’s Gateway, the capital of Tamil Nadu. It is a vast and busy, but conservative, city with deep traditions that still have to give way to increasing foreign influence. You will enjoy it if you take your time to explore below the surface and explore its distinguishing culture. The places to visit in the city of Chennai will give you a feeling for the city.


One of India’s top beaches on the East Coast, Mahabalipuram, can be found about an hour south of Chennai. The beach has a thriving surf and backpacker scene, but it is also very popular with tourists who visit the resorts. It is known for its sculptural stone industry and is a great place for shopping and see craftsmen at work. Other attractions are the Temple of the Shore, Five Rathas, and the Penance of Arjuna (a huge carving on the face of a rock depicting scenes from The Mahabharata).


Kanchipuram is not famous only for its unique silk saris, and is known frequently as the “City of a Thousand Temples”. It was once the capital of the Pallava dynasty, located around two hours from Chennai on the main road to Bangalore. There are currently only 100 temples, many of which are of unique architectural beauty. Especially remarkable is the diversity of the temples. Both Shiva and Vishnu Temples have been built by several rulers (Cholas, Kings of Vijayanagar, as well as the Britishers who ruled the Tamil Nadu region.

Tamil Nadu’s Golden Triangle for tourists is often referred to as Kanchipuram, Mamallapuram, and Chennai.


Pondicherry is a separate union terr on the East Coast of Tamil Nadu. It was an old French colony of the 18th century and still has a distinctly French flavor. Those in need of a break from India will enjoy the taste and relaxation of the French culture in this place. A lot of spiritual seekers are drawn to Sri Aurobindo Ashram. The French Quarter and the Promenade are the most important parts of the city bordered by the Bay of Bengal. The day trip is popular in Auroville.


The most impressive and important temple in South India, the Meenakshi Temple, resides in ancient Madurai in Tamil Nadu. The Meenakshi Temple should be seen if you want to see only one South Indian temple. The place of Madurai is more than 4,000 years old and is a major cultural as well as learning center of Tamil. During the time of the Nayak Dynasty, many splendid temples and buildings with superb architecture were built. Every year in April in Madurai is held the Chithirai Festival of 12 days featuring a new heavenly wedding between God and Goddess.


Thanjavur is best known for its astonishing Brihadeshvar temple, which was built in the 11th century by Chola King. It’s a marvel of technology. But this city in southern India is also a prominent hub of artwork. Its different rulers, from the Cholas to the Bhonsles, shared an interest in arts and crafts patronage. Thanjavur still has a lot of craftsmen and performers.

Thus, we have seen in detail, the major attractions in Tamil Nadu. You should not miss these spots if you happen to visit the state of Tamil Nadu.