How to choose a skin care product for your baby?

For delicate baby skin care products, choose skin-friendly products such as “weakly acidic” that do not contain extras such as “fragrance-free” and “color-free”. “Allergy tested” is also a guide.

There are also mothers who are worried about preservatives, but if the product has been confirmed to be safe, the one with preservatives that can maintain its quality even after opening will be safe to use.

The cleaning agent is for the head and for the body and has good foaming.

We recommend that you choose a moisturizer according to the season.

Is there a difference between adult skin and baby skin?

Compared to adults, the skin thickness of adults is 2 to 3 mm, while that of children is 1 to 2 mm. There are only about half of the adults. Therefore, every baby’s skin is very susceptible to external influences such as temperature changes, dryness, mites, house dust, and germs.

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4 reasons why baby’s skin needs a moisturizing cream

It is important to apply a face moisturizing cream to your baby to prevent it from drying out and keep the skin working as a barrier.

If you have dry skin, the barrier function will be low and skin problems will occur easily.

For example, in the case of babies, diaper rash, drooling rash, redness, etc.

Therefore, moisturize your skin to keep it moisturized and healthy.

Before applying the moisturizing cream, let’s first understand the characteristics of the baby’s skin that will be cared for.

It’s a little different from adult skin, so it’s effective to take care of it after knowing the difference.

Here, we will explain how it is effective to apply a moisturizing cream to your baby based on the characteristics of your baby’s skin.

1. Baby’s skin looks beautiful because “turnover is quick”

Baby’s skin turns over quickly, so damage is less likely to remain on the skin.

But that doesn’t mean it’s not undamaged.

So, whether it’s damaged or not, apply a body moisturizing cream.

Turnover is the function of skin being born and peeling off.

In an average of 26 to 42 days for an adult, the born skin rises to the top of the skin and peels off.

If this is a baby, it is said to be shorter.

In this way, babies are reborn quickly, so even if the skin becomes dry and rough, it is less likely to leave damage to the skin by constantly being reborn.

That’s why it always looks like beautiful skin.

Even if your baby’s skin looks beautiful, be aware that you need a moisturizing cream.

2. Moisturizing the whole body is because the stratum corneum is thin

Baby’s skin, which is half as thin as an adult, is the same as the thin barrier function.

The skin of a baby is so thin that it is said to be half the thickness of an adult, so it is effective to take care of the whole body.

Skin thickness is synonymous with barrier function thickness.

The barrier function is a function that prevents the “stratum corneum” in the epidermis from evaporating water from the skin (body) and prevents foreign substances from the outside world such as bacteria and chemicals from invading the skin.

If this is thin, it does not mean that the barrier function of the whole body tends to be weakened.

The skin around the eyes of an adult looks just like this.

In addition, in a study on the onset of atopic dermatitis, “when judging from the appearance, the dry area was not sufficiently moisturized”, so “moisturizing care requires applying a moisturizing agent to the whole body.” There is. “

Therefore, give your baby’s body moisturizing cream all over the body, not just the areas where the skin is thin or visible.

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3. The reason why the moisturizing cream is applied twice a day is that “the amount of water and sebum secretion is low”.

Moisturizing your baby’s skin is recommended twice a day.

Ideally, if your baby’s skin is already dry, you can do it three times a day.

Studies conducted by dermatologists and pharmacists have also shown that “the barrier function of the skin is better when the moisturizing cream is applied twice than once.”

According to a Journalist, “Applying the moisturizer twice a day has a higher moisturizing effect, and there is a difference in the amount of water in the skin about a week after the start of application. It has been reported that the moisturizing effect increases depending on the amount of application. “

I also applied moisturizing cream to the children in the morning and after bathing.

When my skin was not feeling well, such as dryness or heat rash, I used to do it three times in the morning, after bathing, and before going to bed at night.

I realized that the more times I have, the faster the recovery of moisture.

Therefore, it is recommended to use more times than the amount used.

I would like to aim to apply baby moisturizing cream twice in the morning and evening to the baby’s skin.

4. Moisturizing from a newborn “reduces the incidence of atopic dermatitis by 30%”

It is said that the timing to start applying the moisturizing cream should be decided by looking at the skin condition for 1 to 2 weeks after birth.

And “start within 2 months of the student at the latest”.

According to research “applying a moisturizer from the newborn period reduced the incidence of atopic dermatitis by 30%”, and is familiar with baby’s skin. I’m a doctor. * “Discovering the world’s first method for preventing the onset of allergic diseases” / Announced by the National Center for Child Health and Development

Until now, the idea that “baby does not need moisturizing cream” and “it is better not to apply extra things” has been deeply rooted.

It is true that babies with healthy skin do not need to be moisturized.

Therefore, you may be wondering, “Is it really necessary to moisturize my skin even though it has such beautiful skin?”

However, from this research presentation, it was found that babies with weak skin can be expected to greatly increase the probability of avoiding skin problems by providing moisturizing care.

For babies who have weak skin or atopic dermatitis due to close relatives such as mothers, fathers, and siblings, it is safe to actively apply the best moisturizing cream from newborns to skincare products.