Why B.Sc in Agriculture is Such An Important Course

Agriculture is the most important sector in India, especially since more than half of the population of the country relies on agriculture for their livelihood. The economy of the country is majorly driven by agriculture as well. 

This is one of the reasons why it is very important for more people to take up agriculture as their career choices. Universities are recognizing the importance of agriculture in education, which is why Dr C.V. Raman University, Bihar has successfully established the Department of Agriculture. 

India is fairly self-sufficient when it comes to agriculture. The country has faced a shortage of food grains in the past. To make sure that India sustains itself in the future as well,  it is very important that more students enrol on the course. Over the past few decades, India has seen tremendous growth in the field of agriculture and its allied activities like milk production, agricultural produce, cultivation and animal husbandry. 

B.Sc agriculture colleges place importance on every aspect of agriculture. These include forestry, animal husbandry, fishery management, food technology, agricultural engineering and agricultural business management, just to name a few. Students are also taught how to use new technologies, along with traditional farming practices that have kept the industry flourishing for all these years. 

Most of the challenges faced by this field can be overcome by more people willing to take up the course. Some of the main challenges faced by the field of agriculture are as follows. 

  • Decrease in profits
  • Low agricultural productivity globally
  • Poor linkages between farms and markets
  • Competitiveness due to globalization and crop quality
  • Lack of qualified professionals in the field

To properly address these issues, there needs to be more of an emphasis on agriculture as a course. The need for manpower gets addressed if more people are willing to take up the course. Fortunately, more people are understanding the necessity of agriculture and taking it up. To make sure that all the challenges of the industry are met, there needs to be more of an emphasis on agricultural education than ever before. There is a gap between the demand and supply of manpower when it comes to research and development in agriculture. Agricultural education hopes to fill that gap. 

Are there any good agriculture colleges in Bihar?

If you are looking for a good agriculture college in Bihar, Dr C.V. Raman University is the best you will find. The faculty at the university aims to teach the students about every aspect of agriculture, including both practical and theoretical aspects. Modern teaching methods like e-learning and smart classes are also a regular part of the curriculum. The course is well-paced, making it easy for all students to grasp the concepts.

The university also has facilities like laboratories with all the latest technologies and a fully stocked library with a large number of books so that students have access to all the reading material they need.

What are the career opportunities after graduation?

There is no shortage of job opportunities in the field since there is always a need for manpower. Students can apply for jobs in both the private and public sector. Some of the industries that hire agricultural graduates are the food processing industry, horticulture, animal husbandry and more. Hotels and resorts also hire agriculture graduates for their landscaping projects.

If you would like to know more about the course, do visit www.cvrubihar.ac.in