Best Things To Do In Vallejo

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Vallejo: The best place to have fun with your family and Friends

Vallejo is known as the home to the most renowned ship repairing and building facility in the West Coast of the United States for 142 years and till date. Along with its rich cultural history, Vallejo has a lot to offer for all kinds of travellers. Guide to do the best thing in Vallejo, filled with fun attractions, events, stunning museums and great experiences to make a memorable vacation.

Vallejo has incredible shopping malls like Georgia Street Plaza and one point and beautiful historical ruins like Bat House and Black Powder Press. Vallejo is a small city with around 120,000 residents. From cultural activities to rich recreational activities, you name it, and Vellajo has it. Let’s find out the Best things to do in Vallejo.

San Francisco Bay Ferry Vallejo

It is best to enjoy the waterfront from the water itself. The San Francisco Bay Ferry Vallejo is known to offer the stunning beauty of Vallejo that can be witnessed from the numerous ferries that travel to and from SF ferry building to Vallejo. It is just an hour-long ride that indulges completely in the stunning beauty of both the cities. 

Address: 289 Mare Island Way, Vallejo California, 94590

Empress Theater

Visit the Empress Theater, which is a historical landmark located in downtown, Vallejo. It was established in 1911 and is one of the most famous performing theatres in the entire city. If you are into architectural beauty, then it is a must to visit this place. Enjoy a show here and be mesmerized with its beauty both inside and outside. 

Address: 330 Virginia Street, Vallejo, California 94590

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Six Flag Discovery Kingdom

Vallejo is known to showcase a fantastic amusement theme park all appreciating the younger generation of the city. It includes stunning castles with fairy tale themed areas to play along with an outdoor theatre. It is the Best Place to visit if you are travelling with your children to Vallejo. Spend a day at Wonderland and have a fun and exciting day. Six Flag Discovery Kingdom is filled with amazing rides to spend the day chilling and laughing. 

Mare Island Naval Cemetery

Since the start of mid-1850s, all the naval crewmen, officers and soldiers were buried in the Mare Island Naval Cemetery. It is tucked in the corner of Mare Island, and most travellers are commonly seen thanking the soldiers and appreciating the sanctity and saint-ness of the place. You can go ahead with your tour by witnessing other beautiful attractions on Mare Island. 

Vallejo’s Farmers Market

It is a weekend tradition for the Vallejo’s Farmers Market to take place all year long. It takes place at the corner of Maine and Georgia streets in the downtown area. Many vendors try to sell their products ranging from arts and crafts to delicious baked local items. Spend a day shopping long and trying various kinds of food items and cuisines that are local delicacies. 

Mare Island Brewing Company

End your vacation by spending your day at the Mare Island Brewing Company known for a lot of travellers visiting the place with an abundance of historical attractions, the best place to relax with a cold bear and loosen out form all the travelling. Their handcrafted beers are the best to quench the thirst. If you are planning to visit these places and want the best things to do in Vallejo, then try making your bookings using Hawaiian Airlines reservations options for the best offers and have the best trip in Vallejo. CIAO!