Diode Dynamics’ LED Fog Light Bulbs Are Better, and Here’s Why

You’re probably used to hearing the same arguments in favor of LED replacement bulbs for your vehicle. They’re brighter. They last longer. They don’t burn out as easily. They don’t tax the electrical system.

We’ve heard them all too, and they’re still true. But today, today we’re going to look at some of the unique benefits of what we could call – dare we say – better LED fog light bulbs.

That is to say, there are LED fog lights, and then there are the LED fog light bulbs that come from Diode Dynamics, like their Stage Series Fog Light Kits. Read up on some of their selling points below and decide for yourself.

1. Better focus – Diode Dynamics’ LED fog lights, like their light bars, are made with their proprietary TIR, or total internal reflection, optics. These special optics vastly improve the focus of their LED fog lights, so that they appear brighter and much better focused.

Other LED lights lose a lot of light output to scattering, glare, and poor focus. Diode Dynamics’ LEDs appear brighter, even at the same luminous intensity as competitors.

2. True plug and play functionality – If there’s one thing that turns people off to adding LED upgrades to their car, it’s probably the fact that they are worried that they don’t know what they’re doing.

To the credit of those people, they very well might not have any idea whatsoever what they are doing. However, with the LED replacements available from Diode Dynamics, it doesn’t really matter. Their LED fog lights, like the ones mentioned, are plug and play solutions. They’re designed to work with a vehicle’s current electrical infrastructure so that no modifications and no wiring needs to be done.

3. They’re tougher and more reliable – Another big selling point of the LED fog lights available at Diode Dynamics is the fact that they are way tougher than incandescent or halogen bulbs, as well as more reliable.

For one thing, they are housed in a tough-as-nails powder-coated aluminum extrusion. For another, they are operable between quite an extreme range of temperatures – between negative 40 and 185 Fahrenheit.

Additionally, they are resistant to moisture intrusion and corrosion, two things that would lay waste to the original bulbs. They’re also vibration resistant, which is huge for anyone who is tough on their car or goes off road a lot.

4. Better aesthetic appearance – These LED fog lights come with a round bezels and a housing that is designed to mimic the factory originals so you get a better, OEM style appearance that just looks nicer on your car, truck or Jeep.

5. True yellow – finally, with the LED fog lights available at Diode Dynamics, you can enjoy a true yellow light output because they make their fog lights with a true white light. Whereas others make fog lights using a ‘white’ diode that emits bluish light and creates a green tiny, Diode Dynamics’ creates lights that emit a true white. Therefore, when they cover the chip with a yellow lens, the resulting output is a true, warm, rich amber yellow.

If you aren’t convinced by now, then we don’t know what to tell you to make you a believer. Maybe that wasn’t our job in the first place, though. Maybe we were just here to enlighten to the possibilities of other options.

Check out some of the HID and LED bulbs that you can find at DiodeDynamics.com today, and if you have any questions, contact them at contact@diodedynamics.com or at 314-205-3033. They’ll let you know much more than we had space for here.

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