What is an Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR)?

What does this mean in practice?

Every electrical fitting deteriorates both with use and over time, so it is vital that every installation is occasionally inspected and tested by a capable person to ensure that the security of persons using the installation is not put at risk.

The results of the test and review are clearly detailed in a report together with a list of  “observations” which are items noted throughout the test that recognize any damage, defects, deterioration, or dangerous circumstances within the installation.

For ease of understanding, these remarks are currently coded with a number from 1 to 4. With the approaching Electrical inspection Condition Report (EICR), this numbering system is to substitute by codes C1 to C3.

electrical installation condition report eicr

Reasons to opt for the Commercial Electrical Inspection Services Company in UAE?

Insurance companies are also progressively requesting evidence of electrical test and examinations as a condition of providing cover and often this obligation is hidden among the small print on the policy schedule.

Unfortunately, it is only when a claim is made that this duty comes to light and the claimant discovers, to their dismay, that they are not enclosed under the terms of their policy.

In April 1990, the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 (EAW) came into power, their objective being to need precautions to be taken against the risk of death or individual injury from electricity in work activities.

One of the most significant parts of this legislation (outlined under Regulation 4) relates to the obligation to select, construct, operate, and preserve electrical systems in a manner so as prevent danger.

A test and inspection regime in accordance with BS7671:2008 (as amended) is recognized by the Health & Safety Executive as an effective way of conforming with the necessities of the EAW Regulations in respect to keeping electrical systems and is particularly useful in as much that it delivers a written record of the condition of an installation at the time of the test.

Likewise, if someone is considering changes or additions to their electrical installations, resonant out a test & inspection earlier, especially if no previous records exist, can eventually save time and money.

Just as the massive majority of people wouldn’t deliberate driving a car without an MOT, why should they ponder the state of their building’s electrical installation as any less vital? Think of the Electrical Installation Condition Report as an MOT for your structure’s electrical system and make certain it is done every 5 years.

Likewise, if someone is seeing alterations or additions to their electrical installations, carrying out a test & review beforehand, especially if no previous records exist, can eventually save time and money.

Why EICR is important in the case of vehicles?

Deterioration of the electrical wiring, including damage and misuse, can lead to appliances not working properly. In more serious cases this can seriously reduce the safety of the electrical installation.

This safety check is not compulsory, but it makes sense to have one. Caravan owners should take a look at the electrical certificate, and to consider whether the electrical installation is due to a safety check.

What does the Electrical Installation Condition Report eicr tell you?

  • If the electrical circuits are of the decent condition and safe to use
  • Whether or not there is the danger of electric shock
  • Any faulty electrical work has been installed
  • References for the earthing within the building
  • A review of the condition of the customer unit

Types of the EICR

  • A Pictorial condition report – Only a visual review not a full EICR
  • Periodic inspection reports – An old form of the report
  • Electrical Installation Certificate – This is when you have a new circuit or complete installation fitted
  • Electrical Safety Certificate – This successfully does not exist but people use this term

Purpose of the EICR

  • Type of property – Various properties have different periods of time for an Electrical Installation Condition Report, Domestic properties are 5 years and swimming pools are yearly for instance.
  • Environmental Situations such as areas with water are probable to be more regular like a swimming pool
  • If an installation is being distorted it will be suggested that the EICR is done more regularly.
  • Change in usage of the domestic premises. This could be an alteration of occupancy in rental properties, or the property is ready to be sold, or the property being bought. It is extremely recommended that an EICR is approved out with each change of occupancy in rental properties to confirm the property leftovers electrically safe. Likewise, asking for the EICR on a property that is being developed is the best way to find out if work needs to be recognized out on the electrical system.
  • Any concerns the householder has about the condition of their electrical installation.

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