Explore the Best Places to Visit in Miami

In the common imagination, Miami is considered as the symbolic destination of Florida. The most common mistake that most of the travellers commit is actually to consider Miami as a place for tourists with flip-flops and beach towels who spend their days on the beach before going in the evening in the trendy clubs on the waterfront. Indulge in the best places to visit in Miami for the insta-worthy pictures and incredible vacation.

We agree that the presence of enchanting beaches that are different from each other and are scattered in various points of the city, Miami has wealthy tourist offers aimed at seaside activities and nightlife, of which it is undoubtedly among the world capitals. 

Visit the Incredible Miami Beach

Always start with the trendy and touristy side of the city: Miami Beach. Miami Beach means “Town within the city” that occupies the long, narrow strip of land that stretches between Biscayne Bay and the Atlantic ocean, facing Miami Downtown and the entire North Miami area. Miami Beach is in turn divided into South Beach, Central Beach and North Beach.

However, by main tourist interest, Miami Beach generally means South Beach above all. If you are planning to book a flight, try making the bookings using Singapore airlines reservations options for the best deals and discounts and explore the best places in Miami. 

Venetian Pool and Coral Gables

Imagine, if you can, a fabulous public swimming pool graced with elegant buildings, graceful bridges and elaborate Venetian-style finishes. In the turquoise water gushing from the deep natural spring that feeds the pool, waterfalls plunge and welcoming shady coral rock caves open up from the palm trees that rise from the surrounding islets.

This place is not a dream. It exists: it is the Venetian Pool, probably the most famous and representative attraction of Coral Gables, a neighbourhood that can only be defined as a brilliant urban invention by architect George Merrick.

Villa Vizcaya and Coconut Grove, one of the best places to visit in Miami

Find Villa Vizcaya at 3251 S Miami Ave, north of Coconut Grove, a smaller residential neighbourhood than Coral Gables. Villa Vizcaya is not the only attraction of Coconut Grove: in its southern part, the community stands out for the exclusive character of the wealthy private houses hidden in the greenery and the historic residences overlooking the sea (Barnacle Historic State Park), and for the presence of lush tropical gardens (Kampong Garden) as well as a small harbour. Here is our article on Coconut Grove.

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Wynwood’s Arts District

Here you can breathe an authentic underground spirit in the air. There are no glittering skyscrapers or dream beaches, but low building and industrial warehouses frescoed by huge murals, clubs and bars for young people and artists, refined restaurants, and quirky shops.

You can concentrate your visit in the delimited space of the Wynwood walls – where works by internationally renowned street artists are exhibited and sold at a high price. You may even wander through the surrounding streets, in search of other graffiti, which spontaneously multiplied through the area. 

Little Havana

Miami is full in all its neighbourhoods with South American people, generally well integrated. Spanish is spoken almost as much as English, and there are Venezuelans, Haitians, Argentines, Colombians and so forth. However, the most essential “enclave” of Miami, for well known historical socio-political reasons, is precisely the Cuban one. 

Little Havana is its beating heart, and more precisely the short stretch of Calle Ocho (SW 8th St)which goes from 12th Ave to 19th Ave: a short walk here literally projects us into another world, between typical restaurants (watch out for the prices of cocktails: as soon as they see a tourist, Cubans quickly adapt to the high costs of Miami!) and clubs where Cuban music is played from the early afternoon, small clubs, where elderly with toothless faces play chess and dominoes, cigar shops and exotic fruit stores where strictly Spanish is spoken.

If you are looking for the best places to visit in Miami, you must follow this list to enjoy the city to the fullest. Furthermore, make your flight bookings using Aeromexico reservations options for the best deals and discount offers along with outstanding flying experience.