The Ultimate Greece Travel Guide

The ultimate greece travel guide

Complete your Greece vacation with the exquisite guide from vacation Saga. Discover the main islands and some of the beautiful local areas that can give you some unforgettable experiences. Enjoy spending quality time on exotic beaches and never forget the beauty of the lush green landscapes that never fail to give some breathtaking views. Your dream vacation to Greece is definitely going to be better with our special guide.

Here are some places to be discovered during a vacation to Greece-

Greece is specifically famous for well organized ancient civilization along with some unbeatable tourism arrangements. The place is absolutely rich in culture and that is the reason why so many people across the world spend their holidays near. Vacationing in Greece lets you Discover the natural beauty of the place and the way people spend their lives.

  • Athens

It’s time to take a nice vacation to Greece after the end of the Deadly Coronavirus. Get some new experiences in the capital of the place while enjoying the local Art Gallery food Markets and dining venues.

  • Zagori

The regional beauty of Zagori is all because of rugged mountains and dense forests. The empowering rivers and the nearby traditional villages have so many features that talk about the 18th century. Greece vacation can be set incomplete without discovering the place that is indeed rewarding and easily accessible.

  • Cape sounion

Want to discover the ruins of Greece? Cape Sounion is one of the best places that can give you some spectacular views for a nice holiday experience.

  • Halkidiki

You can enjoy spending time on the excellent beaches of Halkidiki in the Greece Peninsula. Cassandra is specifically famous for nightlife whereas Sithonia has beaches that are so well maintained. It is completely up to you which place of Halkidiki you prefer to visit. Both local and Eastern European tourists can be found in the place because of its unbounded and unprecedented beauty.

  • Santorini

The beauty of Santorini is like no other. It is spectacular and has a picture-perfect view that gives an emerging experience altogether. You would love to walk around the local areas of Santorini having fine dining restaurants and shopping areas to steal your heart away. The white-washed houses are so incredible that they specifically started representing Greece all over the world.

  • Nafplio

Nafplio was once the capital of Greece where local people happily lived. You can still find some of the most stunning restaurants that still prepare the authentic recipes of Greece. You can explore the Marvels and architecture along with traveling in million-dollar yachts.

  • Corfu

Situated on the Northwest coast of the country, Corfu as a place is rich in Heritage culture and boasts about the best beaches altogether. It is definitely one of the most stunning places to give you a nice vacation in Greece.

Archaeological sites to visit in Greece

Avoiding the place of the Acropolis while planning a vacation in Greece is completely insane. It is definitely a shame if you leave behind the place without finding their diet archaeological determinants. The Acropolis of Athens portrays democracy, art, and beauty along with some other essential elements.

Food and culture of Greece

Never leave the country without trying the authentic Greek coffee that is more than a beverage. The coffee culture is something that every visitor must participate in. Other than that, there are rich cuisines that only e lucky people get to discover. The pasta is the core element of the place and you can never go wrong with that. Greece is a paradise and the best place for vegetarians. It has plenty of Pleasant surprises to give you on your plate.

Plan a family trip to Greece

Greece is not only a place for honeymooners but rather the best destination that you can visit with your kids. It is a place to enjoy a family trip together annually. There are some of the most pleasant beaches to transform your tourism into an ideal one. There is no proof required that Greece is not only a destination for summer holidays but also winters.

Best time to plan a vacation in Greece

The ideal time to visit the place is during the month of April – May. At this time the weather is pleasant and you will be able to sufficiently enjoy outdoor adventures.

The Easter weekend should not be missed by anyone who is planning to vacation in Greece. You must book your hotel slot in advance in order to avoid any confusion and inconvenience. 

Important facts

  • The official language of Greece is Greek
  • Currency of the place is Euro
  • You can easily travel around with plastic money
  • Greece in the state estimation for female Travellers and there are no issues whatsoever.

Enjoy spending time discovering volcanic activities, historical news, and the local beaches. Greece is no doubt appropriate for summer adventure and delivers a significant life experience. It has the strongest cultural tradition that would make you want to come back to this place time and again.