Have a date with yourself in Memphis; explore the Home of the Blues your way.

Autumn is usually full of festivals, and there are actually many activities to attend this year. But for those who hate to stare at the computer, we have other ideas!

As cover-ups became more and more necessary, Memphis people can cross more doors open for businesses to look for new ways to enjoy the city outdoors more safely and in a socially distanced way.

Supporting restaurants and black-owned businesses are becoming more critical than ever.

A local artist created a new community radio station and provided a fantastic exploration program for mental fugitives in desperate need.

So let’s avoid the obvious, embrace the unknown, and truly embrace the things that make Memphis one of the South’s best cities.

Go solo and Wander around

Breakaway from reality in Exploratorium

Christopher Reyes-a multimedia artist, recently displayed his 2,000-square-foot art installation in Off The Walls Gallery’s warehouse space, Baron von Oppen’s magic, science, and multiverse explorer.

Inspired by a visit to the Meow Wolf City and Museum, Reyes created Baron Von Opperbean, a magician cum scientist who collects technology and artifacts in time and space.

Travelers visiting the exploratorium can decide to unravel the mystery of his disappearance by following a series of trials leading to different worlds. Groups of up to 16 people can go together.

But going solo will help you indulge in the art in a more sophisticated way.

Explore the always talking Beale Street

Beale Street is the most popular attraction in Tennessee, and I understand why. The cobblestone paths play host to some of the most quirky, unique, and authentic shops and restaurants in the city.

You can enjoy meals and drinks at Hard Rock Cafe, and then visit W.C. Handy Park has numerous pop-up shops.

You can enjoy your life while drinking beer and listening to music at Silky O’Sullivan.

Meet the farmers and be friends with them

We want to thank the pandemic for expanding our local food system and the importance of understanding food sources.

Stop at one of Memphis’s amazing farmers’ markets and meet the people who grow and produce to sustain our lives.

The Cooper Youth Community Farmers’ Market, held at the first public parking lot in Cooper and Walker, is open all year round on Saturday morning.

Here you will find fruits, vegetables, flowers, bagels, ranch meat, mushrooms, rice, pasta, compost falling, and more. Even if you don’t have a refrigerator, you can enjoy lively conversation and tortillas.

Do not fret, even if you are going to Memphis alone. Make Southwest Airlines reservations to visit here comfortably, and You’ll still have a plethora of things to do.

Visit Sun Studio and explore the musical milestones of Tennessee.

Sun Studio is a historic recording studio located in downtown Memphis and opened in 1950. Many legendary singers, such as Ray Orbison, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Carl Perkins, have performed here.

The most iconic singer recorded here is the truck driver called Elvis Presley); his talent was first recognized among the owners and assistants of the studio. 

Appreciate Mississippi in a very cool way.

There are many ways to enjoy the mighty Mississippi State, and it should be at the top of everyone’s list. The Great River Channel allows visitors to reach West Memphis through the river then, Arkansas, on foot or by bike, and enjoy the magnificent scenery along the way.

The quad bike crowd should cross the New Bridge before sunset, meander along the West Memphis country roads (from the Mound City exit), and then return to capture the city skyline at dusk.

A bluffing picnic in Harbour Town is also the right choice. Stellar views Restaurants include Gray Canary and River Terrace.

Drive to the Shelby Forest area of ​​Mississippi and enjoy what we are closest to the beach.

Go to Malco Drive-in and watch a movie late at night.

The Malco summer open theater opened in 1966. It is a two-screen open-air theater where you can choose one of two movies and watch them in the car.

Due to the bad weather in winter, this operation can only be carried out in summer. The summer drive-in Malco gives you an ancient and nostalgic experience that includes tucking the audience in a warm blanket and tasting your favorite snack in your own way.

Go to Autozone Park and Feel the adrenaline rush.

Baseball is the most classic national game, and first-time visitors should experience it to achieve a wholesome travel purpose.

The best place to enjoy this sport is the 11-acre sports complex, AutoZone Park. Here, you can buy hot dogs and beer at a concession stand, sit in seats with other 14,000 spectators, and the best part is that you can bring your dog!

Book a flight with American Airlines Reservations with your dog and feel the thrills. It is located in downtown Memphis primarily known for attracting adrenaline.

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