Metal roof myths you must brush aside if you want the best roofing solution

Metal roofs have become the most popular choices for a lot of houses and commercial buildings. While metal roofs have a number of advantages like strength, durability, aesthetic looks, lesser maintenance, lower costs, and weighing lesser on the constructed structures that lengthen the life of buildings, there are some myths surrounding metal roof Ottawa that you need to brush aside so that these false assumptions do not stop you from investing in these wonderful options for your roofing solution. Here are a few myths about metal roofs that you must note in order to understand the facts.

Metal roofs can attract lightning

Lightning can strike whichever is close to it. Lightening actually looks forward to discharging the excess electricity into the ground. While metal can conduct electricity, it does not attract lightning. Metal roofs can in fact disperse the electrical energy safely through the structure of your building and help dissipate the effects of lightning.

Metal roofs make loud noise during downpours

While a metal roof that is not supported by walls can make noise under rains, the metal roof of a house does not make such an amount of noise. The roof deck and insulation forming part of the roof help minimize the noise during rains. Metal roofs of these days are in fact quitter than most other roofing solutions.

Hails can make dents on metal roofs

Metal roofs are found to be more durable and sturdier than asphalt roofs. Except in extreme cases, hails do not damage metal roofs. The durability of metal roofs makes them the ideal roofing option in situations of extreme climates.

It is not advisable to walk on a metal roof

Never be afraid to walk on your metal roof. Take the necessary precautions and consult your manufacturer before you do the maintenance tasks. Though metal roofs appear to be a bit more slippery than asphalt roofs, they have a good support system, and hence it is safer to walk on them.

Metal roofs heat up the home interiors

While most asphalt roofs absorb heat, metal roofs reflect most UV rays. Metal roofs are known to release heat quicker than other roofs. Thus, they can in fact reduce the heat load building up on your house. A properly installed metal roof can help maintain the interior temperature consistently.

Metal roofs are prone to rusting soon

These days, metal roof manufacturing technology has advanced significantly and hence they can withstand the weather more effectively. The galvanized coating on the metal roofs and the special kind of rust proof painting on them do not allow the metal roofs to rust quickly.

Take home

Metal roofs are lighter than most other roofing options. They are economical too. The many advantages surrounding metal roofs make them one of the best choices for roofs. Find the best metal roof Ottawa contractor and do not hesitate to invest in these wonderful roofing options that can last for a guaranteed 40 to 60 years assuring the best ROI on your investment.

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