Top 6 Mp4 to WebM Converters For Online Conversions

When it comes to storing high-quality audio and video files, Mp4 (MPEG4) is indicated as the most preferable file format.

And, if you need to define the file container structure, video, and audio format, then WebM (Web Media) is the best choice for you.

No doubt that both formats work best and are even interchangeable in different places.

And, even sometimes converting Mp4 to WebM with an online Mp4 to WebM converter takes place.

Thus, we created this post that loaded with different online Mp4 to WebM converters to make your conversion easy and fast.

Remember That!

WebM (Web Media) videos tend to be a bit smaller if compared to Mp4 (MPEG-4) videos, which means that WebM takes smaller storage space.

Although it is smaller in size, keeping the resolution quality high. This is why experts preferred WebM files instead of Mp4, and they even convert Mp4 to WebM video.

If such conversions are your preference, then visit which provides the expert’s choice Mp4 to WebM converter for 100% free and lets you proceed with unlimited conversions.


If you are seeking fast and secure video conversions, then give a try this Mp4 to WebM converter right now.

The most appealing reason to use this source is that it lets you convert images, PDFs, audio, videos, and much more without any quality degradation.

Also, this supports batch video conversion without impacting the resolution and sound of the video file.

Save Mp4 as a WebM video by following these steps:

  • Explore the official site “”
  • Very next, drag and drop the Mp4 file that you want to convert by using this online Mp4 to WebM converter
  • Hit Convert button
  • Save your downloaded WEBM (WEB MEDIA) video file on your preferred storage

2. Convertio:

The second online MP4 to WebM converter we want to introduce is the Convertio.

It enables you to convert files from one format to another. Not only this, this source lets you convert files from one format to another online.

Follow only a couple of steps for exporting Mp4 as WebM online:

  • Open the site “Convertio”
  • Now, upload your Mp4 (MPEG4) video files that you require to convert
  • Very next, from the drop-down menu interface, you need to choose the output format that is WebM
  • Then start to convert the Mp4 file to WebM

Don’t fret as all the conversion by this Mp4 to WebM converter will take place in the cloud and do not intake any storage from your computer.

3. Video Online-Converter:

This free version Mp4 to WebM converter allow you to upload files from Dropbox, computer, Google Drive, and URL as well.

The upside about this program is that it allows you to proceed with numerous file conversions without impacting the quality.

These are the steps offered by the video online converter to export Mp4 as WebM video file format:

  • Fetch the source of “Online-Converter” right now
  • Upload the Mp4 video file that you aim to turn
  • Choose an output video format from the toolbox
  • Then, make a clock on the Start Conversion button to proceed further


It is referred to as the other best source that provided you with a free Mp4 to WebM converter for you.

Moreover, Zamzar lets work with more than 1200 file formats for conversion concerns.

It takes a couple of seconds to transform your files from one to another format.

  • Go to the ZAMZAR
  • Very next, make a click Add Files in order to import the MP4 file.
  • Now, you need to select WebM as the output media format.
  • Then, make a hit to the Convert Now button to start the conversion.
  • Once you proceeded with all the above steps, you have converted MP4 to WebM.

5. AnyConv:

It is indicated as the most useful Mp4 to WebM converter that works legitimately on both Windows and Mac Operating Systems.

The great about this converter is that it lets you turn documents, images, video and audio files, e-books and archives, and much more.

  • Go to “AnyConv”
  • Choose files button is ready, click on it and upload the files that you need to the converter. To proceed with this converter, make sure your Mp4 files do not be larger than 50MB
  • Then, it’s time to select your output video format, which is WebM
  • Hit the Convert button and get high quality converted WEBM video file

6. FreeConvert:

As the name reveals that it is the best and even free Mp4 to WebM converter for your media file conversions.

Apart from exporting Mp4 as WebM, it also lets you perform conversions for audio, document, image, and certain others swiftly.

  • Move to FreeConvert.
  • Make a selection of WebM as an output format.
  • Upload the MP4 file from the choose files option, you can also be able to drag files here.
  • Make an instant click on Convert To WEBM button to continue.
  • Once all is done, you have successfully converted the MP4 file to WebM.

Thankfully, you explored the best online converters for transforming one or multiple Mp4 files into WebM videos.

Choose one according to your need and proceed with the quality conversion right now. Good Luck!