PayKun Payment Button – an easy and efficient way to accept online payments

If you are a freelancer, blogger, NGO, educational organization, etc, then in such an institute or business setup you cannot provide a Cart and the further checkout process. It would be irrelevant in many such websites to collect detailed information that is essential for an eCommerce website, for example, a detailed address. You may just want to collect an online payment with no further ado. PayKun Payment Button facilitates to do so, to provide an easy, convenient, and accessible way by which the customers can pay.

PayKun payment button is the simplest form of using the payment gateway on a website or blog. It is an automatic single line embed code generated with almost no efforts. This code can then be embedded on the website or blog.

PayKun Payment Button

Here are some of the example of business and institutes websites where embedding a payment button would be useful:

  • Accepting payments from your clients through a Blog Page
  • Hospital website collecting fees for specific rooms, treatments, etc.
  • Online booking of the hotel rooms
  • Accepting the donation on an NGO website
  • Collecting coaching, school, college, etc fees as per the course, grade, etc.

Why choose PayKun Payment Button?

PayKun payment gateway features, advantages, and payment ease are applied to the payment buttons as well. Let us discuss them further:

  • It provides 120+ multiple payment method options for the customer to make the payment including credit cards, debit cards, wallets, net banking, UPI, QR code, etc.
  • Merchant can accept the payments at the lowest transaction rate (TDR) offered by the PayKun payment gateway.
  • PCI DSS security compliance and thus highest security standard applied
  • Merchant can track and manage the transactions and the related functions easily through the PayKun merchant dashboard
  • Excellent support services through chat, email, and calls. A dedicated account manager is assigned to your merchant account.
  • Easy implementation on the website with no hassle. One can collect easy online payments and provide good accessibility with a simple payment button option
  • Activation of the merchant account of the payment gateway is easy and hasslefree
  • Get your payments directly in your bank account through various payment methods
  • The basic customer details like contact number, email address, and customer name can be known by the merchant through the checkout page itself helping them to track the payment through the dashboard and provide the services.

Simple Steps to create PayKun Payment Button embed code-

Let us know how can you create the embed code for the payment button without any technical knowledge or developer requirement.

  • Creating a Payment Link

PayKun payment button is generated by applying customizations to the Payment Link feature of PayKun. It can then be directly copy-pasted to embed into your website.

Thus, below are the steps on how to create a PayKun Payment Link:

  1. Log in PayKun Dashboard and ‘Go to’ the activated payment gateway merchant account.
  2. Click on the tab of ‘Payment Links’ and then on the ‘Create Payment Link’ button.
  3. When you integrate the Paykun payment button on your website or blog, you would not want the prefilled customer details so you will need to create the payment link for multiple customers. So that the relevant customer could fill in his own details.

Whereas, there are certain purposes to collect payments such as donations, which would make it necessary that the payer can enter his preferred amount.

Payment links would provide a prefilled amount and purpose. You can edit and create the required Master Payment Link of PayKun which would give the option to the customer to add the amount and purpose of the payment.

Master Links can be created from the same section of payment links. Then, it can be inserted in the embed code generated for the payment links.

  • Generate the Payment button code from Payment Link

Once the payment link is created, you can go ahead and generate the embed code from it. You need to follow the below steps from the ‘Payment Link’ section itself:

  1. Click on the ‘Payment Link ID’ created with the Payment Link
  2. From the right-side drawer, click on ‘Generate Embed Code’
  3. The box would appear, where you can do the customization settings to give the preferred look to your PayKun payment button for  ‘Backgroud color’, ‘Text color’, and ‘Customized Button Text’.
  4. After you are done and satisfied with the preview, the automatic code would be ready, and selecting that would copy it.
  5. Simply paste it into your website or blog code.

You may set the color and text as per your website/blog and the payment purpose like ‘Donate Now’, ‘Pay Now’, ‘Pay Fees’, etc.


Thus, the PayKun Payment Button is one of the simplest forms of collecting payments through your website or blog. Generating a payment button is no big deal and in fact, a lot of fun to customize as per the requirements of the website and purpose. Freelancers, bloggers, NGOs, etc could collect smooth payments with no hassle of coding.