Sage 50 error loading current company file

Are you tired of this error that stops  you from opening your company data file? At that point here you are at the perfect spot where you get the information about how to fix this error and return to your work. Here you get the causes too due to it might occur.

Reason for Unable to Load Current Company File:

  • An invalid company file is attempting to open consequently.
  • The mercy isn’t comparable on all computers in an organization.
  • Administration discharge isn’t installed in all computers.
  • Beginning the framework prior to introducing update.
  • The backup reestablished on computer may mismatch with the delivery or work as the computer that made the backup

Steps for fix it Sage 50 Error Loading Current Company File

Section 1: Update installed on Server but not work desk/Company updated on a different computer:

  •     Close Sage 50 software.
  •     Browse the Updates folder.
  •     Click the latest Program update.
  •     Follow the instructions to install the update.
  •     Once update is successful, restart your computer.
  •     Open Sage 50 application.
  •     Select Help, then About Sage 50 Accounting to verify the update installed.

Section 2: Force Open Splash Screen:

  • Right-click the Sage 50 symbol and select Properties.
  • Highlight the Target line and afterward press CTRL + C.
  • Close the Properties window.
  • Press Windows + R to open a Run line.
  • Click into the Run line and press CTRL + V to glue the alternate way target.
  • Towards the stopping point, add a space and afterward XXX.
  • At that point click OK.
  • Sage 50 will open, and the sprinkle screen will presently open.
  • Close the program to begin the update.

Section 4: Damaged data files in company data folder:

  • Select File at that point open company and note your company file area.
  • Close the program.
  • Press Windows +E.
  • At that point peruse to the registry you (noted above in sync 1).

Delete the following files:

  •     All .DAT temp files
  •     All .DAT ptl files
  •     All .DDF files
  •     All .LCK files
  •     All .MKD files
  •     All .PTL files
  •     All .PTR files
  •     All .RPT files
  •     dat (if present)
  •     DAT (if present)
  •     DAT (if present)

Alternatively if you are looking manual resolution for sage 50 error loading current company file then, you can contact our Sage 50 technical support team at troll free number +1-720-797-9812