The Last Cake and Chocolate Wholesale Distributor You’ll Ever Need

You’re in business; you’re in the business of making baked goods like cakes or confections like chocolates. You can’t mess around with the delays and high costs associated with retail purchases. What you need is a cake and chocolate wholesale distributor, and that you really need is one you can rely on, year after year.

Really, what would be ideal if you could find one to which you would never give a second thought. Put your time and effort into making your cakes and confections, and let the sourcing of ingredients and packaging take a backseat as it should.

Only, even though it should, it’s dangerous to let that happen. The quality of your finished masterpieces comes from the thought you give to what goes into it, and how, and when. You know, as the baker, more than anyone else, just how much ingredients matter.

Then again, bakers and confectioners don’t stay in business on the goodwill and run on charity. They turn a profit because they’re better at baking and decorating than everyone else is.

To turn a profit, you have to be good, but you also need to find your ingredients and packaging materials at a good price.

Additionally, customer service is key. You have customers, but for those from whom you buy supplies and ingredients, you are also a customer. The street moves both ways, it’s not a one-way thorofare.

It would be nice if you could get your ingredients and supplies at a great price, from a reliable provider serving up only high-quality goods, that offered excellent service as well.

That’s a tall order, and it might seem like you’re asking for a lot from one provider, but other savvy business owners have been sourcing their ingredients and packaging essentials from Stover & Company for over 70 years.

And, not that they ever gave it a second thought, but they’ve been enjoying those bonus features of doing business with Stover & Company for either time.

Stover & Company doesn’t just sell the supplies you need in bulk. They offer them at serious discounts because they know that you need to get the best prices you can on the essentials in order to do what you do best and keep on doing it.

When you need to get a deal on cake ingredients, chocolate, or other baking or confectionery supplies, Stover & Company should be the name that comes to mind.

Never mind that, because when it comes to service Stover & Company has written the book. For them, price and service are inextricably linked.

When you need a great price, you turn to Stover & Company, but when you need to beat it, you call them up.

Stover & Company has been a family run business since 1948, and their customer service representatives treat each and every customer with the warmth and respect of family.

It’s just how they run things, and when their customers need better prices, they get to work on a plan.

They’ll work with you until you have come up with a scheme that serves both of you well because they know that a satisfied customer is one that will keep coming back to them time and time again.

It’s how they’ve done things for several generations, and nothing’s going to change on that front anytime soon.

Ready to make the switch to a cake and chocolate wholesale distributor that has more of the best ingredients at better prices than you’ve ever seen before? Visit their website, today, and if you have any questions about how they do what they do, give them a call at 724-274-6314.

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