Top Things to do in New Orleans

New Orleans is one of the most particular and fascinating cities in the United States. It is famous above all for its music, Creole architecture, for its picturesque carnival – which has nothing to envy to that of Rio de Janeiro – and for the aura of mystery that surrounds it thanks to its traditions still deeply felt linked to the years of the first slaves arrived from Africa. Try flying with Alaska Airlines booking to grab the best deals and discount offers. Now let’s find out the top things to visit in New Orleans. 

Explore New Orleans 

  • Enjoy a Sazerac, one of the many signature cocktails born in New Orleans, with absinthe, brown sugar, and whiskey.
  • Take a stroll in the French Quarter, with its typical low houses and wrought-iron balconies.
  • Hear real Jazz at Preservation Hall, a building that represents the history of music in New Orleans.
  • Attending Mardi Gras, the New Orleans carnival is considered one of the most beautiful and fun world.
  • Indulge in some subtle, wholesome shopping in Royal Street’s many boutiques and luxury stores.
  • Wander around the old mansions and gardens of the Garden District aboard the St. Charles Avenue Streetcar, one of the oldest tramlines in the States.
  • Take a cruise on the Mississippi River aboard a real steamboat.
  • Eat jambalaya, a typical New Orleans dish that resembles paella but is more spicy and spicy.
  • Take a canoe excursion to Barataria Preserve, among forests and marshes, the habitat of alligators, and over 200 species of wildlife.
  • Visit the Oak Alley Plantation, feeling like Rossella O’Hara in “Gone with the Wind.”

More fun things to do in New Orleans

The first thing to do is somewhat unusual. Still, much of New Orleans’s history starts right here: from the cemeteries of the city, beginning with the St. Louis Cemetery, the setting for the famous movie Easy Rider. 

Another cemetery not to be missed is Lafayette, the “little city of the dead.” And be sure to attend a mass: despite its reputation as a vibrant city, New Orleans is very devoted and deeply Catholic. Going to church is also listening to the gospel and observing local people. St. Louis Cathedral is probably not the most inspiring church building, but it is the oldest Catholic church in the United States and the center of the cities’ spiritual life.

Take a Cruise on the Mississippi 

The Mississippi is one of the most famous and largest rivers globally. One of the fascinating experiences to do in New Orleans is taking a boat trip on the Mississippi.

A real journey through time: the ships that organize the tours are different but all equally fascinating with their liberty style. You can also choose the one you prefer based on the departure times and the tour duration.

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Listen to Jazz in French Quarters

The French Quarter or French Quarter is undoubtedly the best-known neighborhood in New Orleans. Most of the photos you see of the city are taken right here.

Buildings full of colors and the incredible wrought iron decorations of the balconies make this area genuinely characteristic and one of a kind. Walking through this district, you will encounter souvenir shops, restaurants, and, above all, many music venues.

The heart of the neighborhood is Bourbon Street. The jazz notes will be too strong a call not to stop almost at every step to listen to the different bands playing inside the bars at all hours.

Be Fascinated by Voodoo and Cemeteries

New Orleans is full of mysticism. The city is also known for the voodoo rites that were once practiced here and seemed to be still practiced in some areas. If you are looking for something unusual, and cemeteries fascinate you, here you will find bread for your teeth: there are many. At St; Louis Cemetery, you can see the tomb of the voodoo queen Marie Laveau.

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Have a safe and happy trip!