5 Social Media Ad Mistakes You Could Be Making

In your strategy of digital marketing, social media ads play a very good role. But are these ads helping you as per your requirement? For managing and tracking a social media campaign successfully you can get help from some of the best practices of social media ads. Now I am going to tell you 5 social media ad mistakes you could be making.

1. Not setting up tracking pixels (LinkedIn Insight tag or Facebook Pixel) – Not setting up the tracking pixel is a very big ad mistake of Facebook. For your campaigns a crucial role is played by the tracking code pieces of these types. Each platform’s conversion tracking can be properly set up and targeted by the remarketing lists which are set up with the help of these tracking pixels. All this can be set up with the learning curve of this type. There is a surety that you will feel very good after some time.

2. Not using the UTM codes – From where your site traffic comes by making the use of social media? You can easily track all this by using UTM codes. After posting a social media link the UTM codes are basically used. With this, you can easily determine whether it is an ad or an organic post from which the site traffic comes. When a user clicks on an ad or on a specific campaign then you can track this with the help of UTM codes. So many UTM code generators are available and these are free of cost. The campaign URL builder of Google is a very good example of a UTM code generator.

3. There are chances of a better landing page – Sometimes curating a very good landing page is not possible because lots of time gets wasted in completing the other deadlines. In this situation, we can direct the visitors to a homepage that is worse or good enough. You need to make sure that the offers, messaging and branding of the same type are present in an ad that belongs to the landing page of your site. Don’t put too much information on your landing page that confuses the visitor. Rather keep it simple. Along with this, it will be a good idea to place a prominent call to action on the upper half of the front page.

4. You always use 1 ad type – This type of ad mistake generally occurs on Facebook and LinkedIn and it is a very common type of mistake. You can take advantage of a large number of ad types from social ad platforms. Most of the time we don’t want to include anything new because we already have something that is performing very well. To check the performance of your ads you can perform some A/B tests on a collection of videos, carousels, and images.

5. You market to the wrong audience – A lot of importance needs to be given to this practice of social media ads as it is considered to be the best one. You need to ensure that the right audience is your target. Go beyond the demographics to check the relevancy of your offer. Are these your current users only to which it is relevant? It can be ideal for your prospects or it can be very good for those consumers who are not aware of your brand. Create your prospects’ list or your current customers’ list by taking help from custom audience lists. Now it is possible to have the audience of the highest quality after excluding the targeting of the type of audience as mentioned above.

If you have an interest in getting the services of social media marketing then contacting a Digital marketing company will be a good idea.