Mountain Biking Travel Insurance

Mountain biking is considered extreme and traumatic, and therefore every athlete in this sport needs sports insurance for mountain biking, street trials. Every year in our country this discipline becomes more and more popular – it is one of the youngest Olympic sports.

Is insurance required for a mountain bike?

Research from Columbus National Hospital has found that MTB athletes have fractured from falls or collisions. Moreover, these are mainly fractures of the upper limbs. It was also revealed that male athletes are more susceptible to injuries, but girls receive the most serious injuries.

Damage statistics are as follows:

  • Fractures – 27%;
  • Tears and injuries of soft tissues – 24%;
  • Bruises, cuts, and scrapes requiring treatment – 21%.

These statistics confirm that insurance is a necessity for MTB. The policy will allow you to reimburse the cost of treatment in whole or in part in the event of a serious injury.

What is covered by insurance for MTB

Depending on the package of insurance services, the sports insurance coverage may include:

  • Hospitalization of an athlete;
  • Surgery;
  • Hospital treatment;
  • Ambulatory treatment;
  • Rehabilitation procedures;
  • Getting a disability with NA;
  • Development of critical illness;
  • Death of the insured person.

You can take out insurance on our website from any device connected to the Internet. After payment, insurance data instantly falls into a centralized database, which makes it possible to buy a policy immediately before an important competition or travel abroad.

Types of insurance for mountain biking

In the Sport. insure service, both novice athletes and professionals can buy insurance.

We have developed several types of insurance for mountain biking – these are:

  • One or more competitions;
  • Coated 365 days;
  • Insurance for children with insurance coverage 24 hours;
  • Departure for competitions abroad.

By buying insurance from our service, you receive a certificate that meets the requirements of the current legislation of the Russian Federation.

How long does it take to get insurance for a mountain bike?

Insurance for MTB training can be issued for any period from one day to one year. For daily training or activities, it is advisable to take out a policy for a year, which covers any sports injuries in competitions anywhere in the world for a period of one year. If you participate in only one or several competitions, you can ensure the athlete for the duration of one or more sporting events.

When registering child insurance, the most rational package is considered to be a round-the-clock service package for 365 days. When purchasing this insurance, the child will no longer need additional insurance coverage for competitions or training camps, both in Russia and abroad.

What to do in case of an accident

In the event of an accident, you should definitely seek medical help at the hospital. At the end of the treatment, obtain a statement from the attending physician with the diagnosis and the course of the treatment carried out, as well as the “wet” stamp of the clinic, and the attending physician must be in the certificate.

Documents for obtaining insurance compensation

To receive insurance compensation after an accident, the insurance company must submit a minimum package of documents – a passport or birth certificate, a policy, an application, an extract from the clinic.

The entire package of documents required to receive an insurance payment must necessarily be (if the NS occurred abroad) translated into Russian and notarized. The package of documents with the attached application for payment must be brought or sent to the regional office of the insurance company no later than 30 days after the injury.

You can find out the address and other contact details of the insurer on the contacts page . On the same page, you can ask your question to the IC employee through the feedback form.

How insurance payments are calculated

Mountain bike insurance payouts are calculated based on the severity of the diagnosis and the amount of coverage specified when the policy was issued. Insurance payments will be transferred to the current account of the insured within a period of 14 days.

Electronic insurance

Electronic insurance for a mountain bike or street trial is a policy issued in accordance with all established rules and regulations of accident insurance. It has full legal force just like the policy on the letterhead.

The main advantage of online insurance is the preliminary cost estimate. Anyone can independently find out the price of their policy using a special calculator of our service, having previously indicated the amount of insurance coverage, terms, and age. After selecting all the necessary parameters, the system will automatically calculate the insurance price.