Resolving Quickbooks Error Code H505

About QuickBooks Error Code H505

The QuickBooks Error Code H505 arises when the software is unable to maintain a connection with the host server while a user tries to shift between single-user mode to multi-user mode and vice-versa. There is an annual subscription software called QuickBooks Premier Plus 2021.

Factors affecting the QuickBooks Error Code H505

The following are the factors that affect this error:

  • Damaged or corrupted .nd extension file.
  • Unable to find the IP address server.
  • Inaccurate configuration of hosting.
  • Problems with DNS settings.
  • Firewall settings prevent or blocks to perform QuickBooks.
  • Existence of a virus or malware.

Symptoms of QuickBooks Error Code H505

The following are the symptoms of this error:

  • Unable to perform tasks in multi-user mode.
  • The screen displays the message: Error Code H505 on the computer screen.
  • Crashing down the company file.
  • Freezing of the computer screen periodically for a few seconds and sometimes, even for minutes.
  • Windows programs become unresponsive.

Solutions to fix the QuickBooks Error Code H505

Below are some symptoms and signs to fix this error:

Solution 1. Make sure that there is one server with Multiple users access

  • Analyze all the computers on the networks that display QuickBooks Error Code H505.
  • Make sure that the ‘Host Access Multi-User’ option is accessible on all of the desktop and computers. If there is a desktop with the ‘Stop Hosting the Multi-User Access’option, click on it to immobilize the feature.
  • Go to the server that hosts the company file of QuickBooks and make sure that the ‘Host Access Multi-User’ option is enabled.

Solution 2. Change the place of Company File Folder

If the host server has been configured accurately, it indicates that the issue must be with the company file.

  • Make a new folder on the host system and locate the contents to it with full access permissions.
  • Make the .qbw extension file in the multi-user mode.
  • Verify if the company file is now accessible from all devices across the network or not.

Solution 3: Check the settings of Windows firewall configuration

The settings of firewalls can often prevent and obstructs the file accessibility that is mandatory to operate QuickBooks in the multi-user mode. You need to follow the steps below to change the firewall settings on the desktop the error.

  • Search for the ‘Firewall Settings’ from the ‘Control Panel’.
  • Move to ‘Allow a Program via Firewall.’
  • Add the QuickBooks application to the list.
  • Start your computer again to apply the above changes.


This article has covered approximately every piece of information regarding the QuickBooks Error H505.

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