Website Ranking – All Factors Of Yahoo, Bing, and Google

Let’s try to figure out what a site’s ranking is, what it depends on, how many Website ranking factors there are in Bing, Yahoo, and Google, how can it be influenced and why is it so important? First things first!

Website Ranking – Definition

First of all, we will try to define this concept.

Bing, Yahoo definition (taken from the company’s mission on the official website):

To understand the whole point, you must also have an understanding of such definitions as: search engine, search query, relevance, and indexing.

Google Ranking Factors

Website Ranking – Definition

  1. “A search engine is a technical tool by which an Internet user can find data already posted on the network.”
  2. Search query and search process – “In response to the query that the user entered in the search line, the search engine displays links to pages it knows, the text of which (as well as meta tags or links to these sites) contains the words from the query. In most cases, there are a lot of such pages – so much so that the user will not be able to view all of them.”
  3. “Relevance is the best fit for the interests of users seeking information. Bing, Yahoo determines the relevance of the pages found to the given query completely automatically…”
  4. Ranking in Bing, Yahoo is “the process of sorting the results found by their relevance.”

More Professional Language:

Search engine ranking is called sorting sites in search results. Ranking is based on the relevance of the documents to the search query.

Relevance refers to the correspondence of the document to the intent that the user expressed using a search query.

Website Ranking Factors

So, we decided on the concept of the term. Now let’s talk about what the ranking in Bing, Yahoo and Google search depends on. In the environment of SEO-specialists, such dependence is usually called ranking factors.

Website Ranking Factors
Website Ranking Factors

First of all, we will describe these factors as a whole – the very principles of their appearance, and then we will try to highlight the most significant data for each of the search engines.

Basic Principles of Search Engine Ranking

The basic principles of arranging search results by relevance in both search engines are that the most relevant data (the most appropriate answers to user questions) occupy higher positions in the search results.

As it has already become clear, the distribution of positions is based on the relevance of each result.

Relevance, as a rule, is a function of a set of variables (i.e. factors). In the form of factors, various numerical characteristics are taken, which should help distinguish between relevant documents and irrelevant ones.

In many search engines, the final relevance function is a fairly simple combination of a small number of factors – 5-15 pieces. A number of complex factors are used independently as a separate ranking function.

Basic ranking principles in Bing, Yahoo and Google

Unlike this basic standard approach, the search engines Bing, Yahoo and Google use a significantly larger number of variables for the resulting function.

For example, the ranking of a collection of textual factors is based on more than 150 variables.

The main point that most affects the final ranking is a way of combining all the factors, i.e. The final composition of the relevance function.

To compile this final formula, search engines today use machine learning methods, which makes it possible to easily adjust the quality of the search by adding new variables (factors).

The Main Groups Of Factors

There are over 1200 factors that influence ranking. Moreover, in the classical scheme, 5-6 main groups can be distinguished into which all these factors are divided:

  1. Host – site age data, domain name, domain zone
  2. Technical – server response codes, duplicates, download speed
  3. Text – text relevance in different areas of the document
  4. Link – external link links of the site
  5. Commercial – assortment, availability of prices, telephones, office, delivery, etc.
  6. Behavioral (internal and external) – time on the site, viewing depth, CTR on delivery

In various cases, SEO-specialists also identify additional groups of factors affecting search results:

  1. Social
  2. Regional

These factors in the classical grouping are simply distributed into other groups, for example, regional – into textual, social – into reference and behavioral.

Most significant ranking factors in Bing, Yahoo 

The ranking formula in Bing, Yahoo is classified information that is a trade secret of a search engine. There are a lot of ranking factors themselves – about 1200.

Therefore, below we will try to give a list of factors that, in our opinion, are the most significant for getting a site into the TOP-10 in Bing, Yahoo.

It should be understood that the factors of this group are mainly relative.

Those. to understand how important these factors are for ranking a particular site in Bing, Yahoo, we can only say by conducting a comparative analysis of the promoted site with competitors.

This applies to indicators such as domain age, number of indexed pages, etc.

A number of parameters, like the history of the domain, are generally static, and here they are the same for everyone – the fewer the domain had changes in ownership, the better.

Although, this does not mean that a new registered domain that has no history is better than the so-called “drop” with history.


  1. Server Response Codes
  2. Site loading speed
  3. Mobile version available
  4. Code cleanliness (lack of large CSS and JS blocks)
  5. Availability of SSL certificate (secure connection)
  6. Correct indexing and setting up the robots.txt file
  7. Correct sitemap.xml sitemap
  8. Lack of duplicate pages
  9. The lack of redirect chains inside the site
  10. Image and video size optimization
  11. Server location relative to the target audience
  12. Ip neighbors

Technical parameters of the site, such as server response codes (usually should be 200 OK), the presence of a mobile version, speed of download, the presence of a secure https connection (especially when accepting payments on the site and receiving user data), the correct indexing settings are all important factors.

BUT, it is worthwhile to understand that all of this as a whole is the basis without which it is impossible to get a noticeable result in website promotion if it is done incorrectly.

You can get as many external links to your site as you like, but if it consists entirely of duplicate content, you won’t get a positive result in the promotion.

Therefore, the list of this group is mandatory for elaboration on any site, especially in large catalog sites and online stores.


  1. Entry of requests in various forms and sequences into various zones: title, description, h1-h6, main content, text fragments, links on the page
  2. Text uniqueness
  3. The presence of LSI words and combinations
  4. Text length
  5. No errors
  6. Availability of numbered lists and listings
  7. Narration language – professional or “watery”
  8. Language match
  9. Compliance with request intent – geo-dependency, commerciality of requests

This group of factors in Bing, Yahoo is currently significant.

It is with this group that the initial entry of the promoted page into the visibility zone begins – when the document (page) of the site passes through the so-called “quorum”, i.e. the document is gaining enough “points” to get into the TOP-50 – TOP-30 for a specific search query.

The optimization of this group of factors should begin with the selection of relevant semantics and clustering.

Further, on the basis of this, build all text optimization for Bing, Yahoo , writing the necessary entries in various areas of the document:

  1. Title
  2. Description
  3. H1
  4. H2-H6 Headers
  5. List Lists
  6. The main text of the page
  7. Text fragments and descriptions

When optimizing this group, one should not forget about the presence of filters, for example: spam, re-optimization, Baden-Baden, because of which the document can be discounted in the ranking for re-optimization in text areas.


  1. The number of external links to the site
  2. Anchor sheet
  3. Link Growth Rate
  4. The authority of referring sites
  5. Number of referring domains
  6. The thematic affinity of the donor and the acceptor of links
  7. Donor age
  8. Donor spam
  9. Sanctions on the donor
  10. Donor age
  11. Number of outbound links to external sites
  12. Quality of sites to which outbound links go

Link factors today in Bing, Yahoo , in my opinion, do not play such a significant role in obtaining the TOP as before.

There are many reasons:

Lack of practice and culture to naturally refer to liked or useful materials in the Runet area.

Maintaining the practice of using purchased links among optimizer.

When optimizing this group, the following are important:

  1. Comparative analysis with competitors
  2. Understanding the need for a reference in a specific topic in principle
  3. Work with internal link factors


  1. Assortment of goods or services
  2. Payment Methods
  3. Availability and delivery methods
  4. Availability of prices and an indication of currency on the site
  5. Directory structure
  6. Mention brand online
  7. Reviews available
  8. Address and office availability
  9. Availability of various phone numbers – local city and 8-800
  10. The presence of several photos of the product or service
  11. Availability of video reviews
  12. Availability of an order button for stores and baskets
This group was and remains important for getting into the TOP-10 of Bing, Yahoo.

If you want to get to and stay on the first places of issuance in Bing, Yahoo as efficiently and quickly as possible, work first of all on these factors.

The most important of the commercial ones for Bing, Yahoo , in my opinion, are:

  1. Assortment group
  2. Availability of addresses and telephones
  3. Price availability
  4. Site and directory structure

It is worth noting that today it has become more difficult to get into the Bing, Yahoo Directory without having a real office, as methods for checking telephones, offices, etc., have become more stringent Massively for these checks are used by assessors.

In turn, the confirmed geographical data (addresses and phone numbers) are important in determining the Geo-dependence in the ranking, which is a significant factor for optimizing the site.


  1. Time on site
  2. Bounce rate
  3. Viewing depth
  4. CTR snippet in search results
  5. A single click on SERP
  6. Last click on SERP
  7. Direct referrals to the site by type-in

The last group on the list, but not by significance, is about behavioral factors. It is they who today are one of the most significant and “influential” of all these groups.

You could even say that they came to Bing, Yahoo to replace link factors. If previously unscrupulous optimizers bought links, today some of them are trying to “wind up” behavioral links in Bing, Yahoo.

Do not just forget about the response measures – lowering the site and bringing traffic from Bing, Yahoo to almost zero indicators for a period of 6 to 9 months.

Also, after removing the filter for PF, traffic is usually usually not restored completely.

If you are an honest optimizer and want to improve the visibility of your site in the issuance of Bing, Yahoo – then improving user factors in non-prohibited ways is what can give a real and noticeable increase in positions and traffic.

Key and Most Significant Google Ranking Factors

Google is a separate search engine, in addition multi-regional. Therefore, the significance of the groups of factors for ranking in it will be different from Bing, Yahoo .

Below, based on the same list of factors, I will try to highlight the most significant under Google today:

Hosting factors under Google today are much more important than under Bing, Yahoo.

If in Bing, Yahoo , one way or another, you can make a website, carry out large-scale work on the assortment, commercial, textual factors and get TOP and traffic, then this story will not work on Google.

To be ranked in it, you need to get an initial trust, and this is directly related, including with the age of the domain and site documents.

Plus, Google has a so-called sandbox, which the site can fall into when too aggressive attempts are made to “optimize”.

Plus, in recent updates, such as Medic Update and YMYL (Your Money Your Life), certain factors of the credibility of sites and authorship have become more apparent.

Those. in medical topics, and topics related to health and finance, it has become even more important to prove to Google that your site is expert and you can trust it that the information on it is verified and verified.

The main difference with Bing, Yahoo in this group of factors under Google is that the site is rendered, i.e. crawling, scanning, and interpreting content by search robots varies.

A Google site, including various “garbage” filtering and sorting pages, can be faster in the index.

Therefore, it is important to more accurately determine what should and should not be in the index.

It is also important to more clearly establish the rules for indexing the site.

For example, Google often ignores the robots.txt file when indexing, so you need to use other methods: meta-robots tag, x-robots tag.

It is also important to remember that according to the statements of Google representatives.

XML Sitemap is one of the main sources of adding new pages to the index, therefore, its proper configuration and the absence of errors are important.

As for Bing, Yahoo , technical optimization for Google is just the base that should be!

It is especially important to remember the presence of a mobile version (Mobile First Index) and download speed, as significant factors.

Google text optimization has its own distinctive features.

The content that in Bing, Yahoo can easily fall under the Baden-Baden filter on Google can perfectly rank and occupy the TOP.

Although Google has now become more apparent the fight against spam, for example, the Google Fred algorithm (an analog of Baden in Bing, Yahoo).

In general, a larger occurrence of exact match queries is still typical for Google optimization.

Also, from the part of this search engine more importance is attached to the uniqueness of the texts, it is more difficult to “crawl” with various doorway-like sites and copy-paste.

After the June Core Update 2019, freshness of content, some behavioral factors such as brand searches and last click became more important.

Link ranking factors on Google have been and remain crucial. I saw and see a large number of projects that have a large amount of traffic in Bing, Yahoo , but at the same time they practically do not receive positions in the TOP and traffic from Google.

And in most cases, the key point is the lack of a noticeable link profile.

The presence of links with high-quality, trust domains with age and links from them to your site has been and remains an extremely important and influential factor for bringing your site to the first position on Google. All host factors of link donors are also significant.

The value of this group of factors is difficult to evaluate. Only one thing can be said for sure – the influence of these parameters on the site’s position in Bing, Yahoo is much stronger than the similar influence in Google.

One of the reasons may be that the geographical location of the document in Google is still not always important and does not always correspond exactly with the user’s request.

On the example of a site with 14 regions, made on subfolders, Google has the following picture – completely different categories with different geographical locations are ranked according to commercial requests.

In addition, this is due to the fact that for Google so far the main indicators for ranking are link factors.


  1. Time on site
  2. Bounce rate
  3. Viewing depth
  4. CTR snippet in search results
  5. Single click on SERP
  6. Last click on SERP
  7. Direct referrals to the site by type-in

Behavioral factors in Google work, in my opinion, less noticeable than in Bing, Yahoo .

If in Bing, Yahoo you can work on the behavioral ranking factors and get a noticeable result, then in Google such an explicit correlation is difficult to achieve.

Although, according to some experts, after the last Core Update on Google in June 2019, this group of factors has become more influential.

The value of such parameters as the search for a brand of a site or a company has increased, as well as PF indicators on search results, for example, last-click indicators.

How to influence site ranking?

Unlike the image below, the impact on ranking in Bing, Yahoo and Google is not some kind of magic or search engine tricks.

Search engines are tools, some sort of categories, or catalogs, which are designed to help users find the information they need from the huge stream of data available on the Internet.

How To Influence site Ranking

Compliance with the rules of search engines, the systematic work on the site and improving its performance.

The impacts on the most significant factors – that’s all that is required for your site to take first place in the TOP 10 search engines and all the time grow in the volume of users who visit it.

Above, we examined in detail the most significant and basic parameters that are taken into account when ranking in the search engines Bing, Yahoo and Google.

Let’s try to summarize by answering the question: what affects the ranking of sites and how to get first place in the TOP using SEO optimization?

How to influence site ranking in Bing, Yahoo?

In general, the detailed answer is above. If you work through each of these significant factors without creating spam and re optimization, then you should get a positive result.

The most significant indicators worth working on under Bing, Yahoo :
  1. Technical – a base is needed, without which a good result will not work
  2. Text – one of the most significant factors
  3. Link – (external) is far from always and not everywhere important in relation to Bing, Yahoo 
  4. Commercial – extremely important, it is worth paying close attention to this group
  5. Behavioral (internal and external) – can be of great importance
How to influence site ranking in Google?

The most significant parameters that should be paid special attention when optimizing for Google:

  1. Hosted are very important. If you have a site with age and a new site, better consider a site with age and history.
  2. Technical – a base is needed, without which a good result will not work
  3. Text – medium significance, along with Bing, Yahoo , has its own optimization features
  4. References are crucial, the most significant factor for Google
  5. Behavioral (internal and external) – gaining significance after the latest updates of 2019, it is worth considering in the future
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about site ranking
1. How many ranking factors does Bing, Yahoo have?

This information is the trade secret of Bing, Yahoo . Moreover, it is not known how the exact quantity, nor the factors themselves.

According to various estimates, this figure is about 1200 factors.

But, because If sites are ranking automatically according to a formula and based on algorithms, then knowing the exact number as a whole will do nothing.

For successful optimization for Bing, Yahoo , it is important
  1. Understand general principles
  2. Know the most significant factors that we have identified above
  3. Thinking isn’t like everyone else and doing a little more competitors

Behavioral factors or PF – are divided into 2 groups – internal and external.

Internal – these are the actions that are performed by users within the site.

External – this is any action on search results. A general list of significant factors of this group is given above.

The most significant of them:
  1. Time on site
  2. Bounce rate
  3. Issue CTR
  4. Type-in ​​traffic, i.e. jumps to direct entry of a site address

3. How not to depend on changes in search algorithms and make sure that the site always remains in the TOP 10 of Bing, Yahoo and Google?

Work primarily on the “satisfaction” of the user of your site. Bing, Yahoo has been talking about this for so long, but today it really is.

When a site hits the TOP-10 in Bing, Yahoo , the behavioral factors of the site become the most important.

Roughly speaking, for a site to move from 10th position to 1st, it should:

  1. Increase the number of clicks on the link to the site from the search (CTR on the SERP)
  2. The number of site failures and search returns will decrease

If all these indicators on your site are constantly improving, if they become better than those of competitors, then no point changes in search algorithms will be important and not scary to him!

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